A Few of My Favorite Things, Mom Edition!

For those of you who are familiar with the song, yes, pun intended 🙂

– Playtex Drop in Bottles= These are by far my most favorite bottle. These bottles use plastic liners inserted into a bottle. They are great for keeping bottles clean since you just throw the liner out when you’re through. They are intended for single usages but I often will wash them and use them for a few bottles during the day before throwing them out. Many superstores offer an off-brand of the liners so you can save some money on them. I love how easy they are!

-Munchkin Mesh Feeders (below)= Both my kids have used these. I love the fact that these keep kids from choking on solids but let’s them explore. I love letting my kids test out new textures and foods while they play. These are great for teething also!

-Swaddle Me Swaddle blankets= as much as my son hated to be swaddled, my daughter LOVES it. After countless nights of trying to get my daughter swaddled at the wee hours of 3 am and no sleep, we finally broke down and bought some Velcro blankets. Yes, they are amazing. It makes swaddling so much easier and keeps the hold all night long. They come in several sizes and fabric weights for every situation!

-A good diaper bag!= I have yet to find THE BEST diaper bag yet. I would actually love to have two diaper bags. One for longer trips, lots of pockets and storage room for more than one kid. Easy to care and easy to hang on a stroller or back. I’d also love one for shorter trips, lots of pockets and enough room to get the essentials in without lugging around a suitcase! Oh yes, I want a quality bag that doesn’t cost a car payment to purchase! Feel free to share your input on this one!

-Baby gates (pictured right)= I love me a good baby gate! My favorite baby gate is the Evenflo Summit Easy Walk Through gate! This is the best gate I’ve come across. I loved the fact the door could swing either direction so we could have it at the stairs and the gate can swing either way. It fit perfectly in any doorway and it is extremely kid proof (it’s often parent proof too!). These are pressure mounted onto the wall so you don’t damage your walls by putting holes in them (watch your paint though! we had one spot that the mount pulled the paint off the wall, although I’d rather touch up paint than patch holes!) We’ve got several of these in my house and I love them! I don’t think I’ll ever by another baby gate!

-Infantino Ecosash Wrap & Tie Carrier= Baby wearing is an up and coming trend! It gives mom the chance to two hands but being able to be close to baby at the same time. Often times these carriers can run in the upwards of $70-$90. I found a perfect alternative! This carrier is sturdy and well built. I feel that my kiddos are safe and they love it! The particular carrier I have can have the print reversed so that way my husband doesn’t feel less manly having a flowery carrier yet I can still feel girly when I want! It’s a great compromise from an expensive carrier!

-Graco IPO stroller! (pictured below)= This is the BEST ‘umbrella’ stroller. It’s light weight yet heavy duty. This is not one of those flimsy umbrella strollers. I love the under carriage storage, it’s huge (for the size of the stroller that is!). The seat reclines and has a harness to keep baby safe. It folds up super tiny and is still light weight. I bought and used this stroller when my son was just 6 months old, we used it to fly and it was great! So much nicer than having to lug around a huge travel system stroller. This stroller also comes in a side by side double! love!

-Fisher Price Nature’s Touch Cradle Swing= this thing was a life safer! My son used this for the first 4 months of his life, slept in it! He had sever vomiting issues and until we fixed it this was the only thing that would soothe him. It can swing side to side or can be turned to swing front to back. It reclines all the way back and sits up for older kiddos who want a view. The mobile at the top was wonderful, my son loved looking at it! I’ll never forget the first time he “saw” himself in the mirror on the swing, he laughed for hours! Any other babies that come into our lives will absolutely have one of these! I don’t think they still make the Nature’s Touch version of this but the swing itself is still in production.

My number one most favorite Mom thing: Amazon mom! I just can’t get over this! I ship my kids diapers AND wipes for as cheap as store brands and they come to my door when I want them! I can adjust when they come, how often, what sizes and brands I purchase, it really is great! If you haven’t checked it out already, I suggest you do! Above all, the subscription is free and it’s all sponsored through amazon!