Indoor Winter Activities to Keep Toddlers Entertained

Indoor Winter Activities to Keep Toddlers Entertained

Now that the holidays are over and kids are back in school that leaves the mommas with toddlers home again. The weather is getting lousy, and that means playing outside at the park isn’t likely an option (those of you who get summer year round, HUSH, those of us in wintery tundra don’t want to hear it!). If your toddler is anything like others, she gets stir crazy easily. I have piled a few suggestions for some indoor (and cheap!) things to do that are mom and toddler-friendly!


Most bowling allies are dead during the day, leagues at night and teenagers during the weekends! Most places usually also run most of their coupons or discounts for weekday nights or afternoons. If you go to the bowling alley during the weekday/weeknight, the lights are up, and the music is clean! Most of the prices are extremely reasonable running from $2-$5 per game and shoes during the weekday.


Most matinee movies are reasonably cheap with kids having discounted tickets. The theaters are emptier than normal so if your kiddo decides they need a nap or a meltdown people won’t be bothered. Find a great kid movie and enjoy!

Library programs

Often local libraries will do different playgroups for moms with toddlers at home. Ours offers things such as story time and a toddler play group. Each usually runs about an hour and then we can spend time at the library before or after checking out books.

Local Play Groups

Often you can google and find local mom groups set up by moms in your area. Sometimes they are hosted at local places in the area; sometimes they are hosted at a different mom’s house each week. Either way, they are usually free. Sometimes the groups want a ‘snack’ fee depending on the set up of the group!

Children’s museums

These typically aren’t free and CAN be pricey, but if you ask if they have any coupons in circulation or have discounted days it can be more reasonable.

Take advantage of the things in your area. Check local park districts or schools. Ask your mom friends. There are lots of things to do in your local area you just need to stick your neck out there and find them. Take the time to spend with your toddler, and I promise you that the stir crazy effects of being locked up inside will subside quickly! Oh and don’t forget to embrace the cold icky weather. Sledding? Wears my kids out every, single, time!


  1. says

    Its been raining here in Manila since lastweek. Its cold, thats why me and my daughter stay indoors. We cant go out because of the weather.
    Thank you for sharing those tips for sure my Chelsea would love it

  2. tauyanm says

    lovely activities! my family always go in the park they have lots to choose from here in Dubai, also during winter (not like so cold) we go to the beach at noon. Totally love movies!

  3. Maryanne says

    I love this article, Tablets and Phones are not just the only ways to keep out kids entertained… we should also show them how we used to have fun when we were kids! :)

  4. says

    I have little ones, and it is hard to keep them entertained. I love the idea of going to the library or museum to get out of the house. Thanks for the list!

  5. says

    These are great ideas for indoor entertainment! My 3 year old can sometimes be a handful if we can not make it outside. Sadly, when it is in the negatives or close to it… poor thing has to stay inside. These are great ideas to keep her happy and warm.

  6. Anosa says

    Sometimes it can be hard to motivate kids to do something during the colder months but these activities sounds like a great start

  7. says

    Some great ideas to keep your toddler busy & safe at home with some wonderful indoor activities that are quiet simple & worthy. To me taking them to any Children’s museums is a good idea to make sure they learn something out of it and Library programs are worthy too!

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