Best Books for Parents Expecting Twins

Best Books for Parents Expecting Twin

Finding out you’re pregnant is an exciting time most women. I’m a mother of twins and I know how thrilling it can be to learn you’re having twins, but overwhelming at the same time. To be honest, I almost fell off the doctor’s desk when he said, “Oh… It looks like we have another one over there…,” during my 13 week ultrasound! I was literally in shock despite the fact that I shouldn’t have been. 

Twins are incredibly common in my family, so I already had experience with multiples. However, not everyone is so experienced. That’s why it’s a good idea to invest in a couple of good books aimed at parents expecting more than one baby. They can help better prepare you for the arrival of your little bundles of joy and help easy any worry you may have. 

  1. What to Do When You’re Having Two by Natalie Diaz

Learn all you need to know when you have twins on the way with this comprehensive how-to guide. Use this book to create a birth plan, manage double feedings, learn to sleep on a single schedule, and more.

  1. Double Duty by Christina Tinglof

This helpful manual tackles many of the common problems parents of twins face, from pregnancy to school years. You will discover time-saving tips when raising two, how to save money when bringing in two new additions to your family at once, and bedtime strategies for two!

  1. Raising Twins by Shelly Vaziri Flais

Even pediatricians can get nervous when they find out they are expecting twins! Now with several years of experience under her belt, Dr. Flais has created a helpful guide to raising your babies, including getting ready for your twins’ arrival, navigating those first few weeks of feedings and sleeping, and surviving the toddler and preschool years with two!

  1. Dad’s Guide to Twins by Joe Rawlinson

Daddies-to-be need help too! Read this comprehensive guide to find out how your life will change once your two babies arrive, and how you can best help your partner prepare for the new lifestyle. This guide also discusses money and family finances, important thoughts that run through most expectant fathers’ minds at one point or another.

  1. Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Twins by Marc Weissbluth M.D.

With two little ones coming into your home, you may feel like you’ll never catch up on sleep! However, Dr. Marc Weissbluth presents his time-tested sleep strategies, coupled with specific advice on twins, to help you rest easy with your two babies.

  1. Twins 101 by Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin

Dr. Le-Bucklin, pediatrician and mother of twins, lays out 50 essentials tips for expectant or new moms who are/will be raising twins of their own. From pregnancy to early childhood, this guide features helpful hints to caring for your two little ones.

  1. My Twin Pregnancy Week by Week by Christina Tinglof

Along with her book, Double Duty, Tinglof has created a very helpful pregnancy planner designed specifically for those carrying twins. Use this journal to log weight gain during your pregnancy, questions for your doctor, baby items you need to purchase, and baby name ideas. There’s also a to-do list inside to make sure you are ready for your two little ones by your 37th week!

  1. Double Time by Jane Roper

Another mother of twins, Roper bears her soul in this humorous and heart-wrenching memoir discussing the first three years with her two children. See first hand how a mom struggles with finding the perfect balance between family and work, as well as dealing with a mental disorder in one of her twins.

  1. When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads by Dr. Barbara Luke & Tamara Eberlein

This is an excellent book to pick up the moment you find out you are having twins. Dr. Luke, a prenatal care expert, lays out a program that will increase the chances for optimal health for both you and your babies during pregnancy. The book provides several recipes that are ideal to eat as you carry your babies, as well as a section on postpartum health and exercise.

  1. Mothering Multiples by Karen Kerkhoff Gromada

As a 30-year La Leche League leader and mother of multiples, Gromada effectively presents common struggles mothers face when caring for more than one baby at the same time. With a focus on breastfeeding and attachment parenting, this parenting manual also covers coping with NICU time, adjusting to life with multiple babies, and caring for toddler multiples.