Maddie Brown Brush Talks About Aging Love

Maddie Brown Brush

Maddie Brown Brush and her husband Caleb now have three kids, their own home, and a nice life. Janelle Brown adores her grandchildren, and she gets to hang with the family as often as she can. Often, she and her daughter share photos of the kids, but this week, a nice video of Maddie and Caleb emerged with a sweet caption about aging love.

Maddie Brown Brush And Caleb Raise A Family

When Janelle’s daughter married, many TLC fans doubted that she made the right choice. After all, she was young, and still at college. However, she did just fine. Between the three kids and her hardworking husband, they built a nice life for the family. Evie-K and Axel now have a younger sibling who tires their mom out. But, it’s all worth it to the TLC star.  In fact, for many Sister Wives fans, Janelle’s daughter sets parenting goals.

Maddie Brown Brush really seems to love being a mom, despite several painful births. Even when her baby, Joey keeps her awake at night, she seems to enjoy just being with the little girl in the wee hours. In fact, Christine and Janelle raised a lot of kids between them, and now, it’s  Maddie’s turn to do the same. Probably, with 18-odd siblings and half-siblings, parenting comes naturally. But often, making time for a partner is seriously hard.

Maddie Brown Brush & Caleb – Aging Love

This week, Caleb’s wife took to Instagram and shared a video of herself dancing with Caleb. Actually, her mom also shared it in her stories. Filmed in the kitchen, they dance close and slowly. In her caption, she said, “I have a love that speaks in whispers. It is quiet. I used to share about it more openly before we had a family. Life was different then. Our love was different then. It has aged a little now. Life has not left it shiney (sic) and new, like it once was.”  

Maddie Brown Brush Talks About Aging Love
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Maddie Brown Brush added, “It is quieter now, and I like it better this way. It is steady and steadfast. I still feel the connection of our souls, and I thank God every day that he gave me you. We may not be glamorous, but with you by my side, my world is absolute perfection.”

TLC Fans Adore The Post By The Sister Wives Star

Maddie Brown Brush got a lot of love and approval for her post about her aging love. One Sister Wives fan said, “I’ve loved getting to be a spectator to this relationship over the years. 😊”

Another one wrote, “You guys are a gorgeous couple you show the world what it means to be happily married and in love ❤️❤️.”

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