Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Gets Real About Robyn Brown

Christine Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers revealed that Christine Brown opened up and said a lot about polygamy and dating. And, she really doesn’t want to experience life with a man like Kody again.

Additionally, she talked about Robyn Brown and she was really honest about her feelings. Of course, fans know that they don’t get along. In Season 17, Kody’s favorite wife felt rejected by the other wives and Kody was upset about that. So, what did Truely’s mom say about it now? Read on to find out.

Sister Wives Season 18 Reveals Christine Brown Being Brutally Honest

TLC fans know that Christine does not like Robyn. And who can blame her? She just went through two seasons of being gaslit by her. Of course, Robyn always tried to get support when she attacked. So, she roped in Meri. If you haven’t heard, there’s no way either of them will be invited to the wedding of Kody’s ex and David Woolley. In last year’s Tell-All, TLC fans saw that Robyn seemed reluctant to even try and fix things with Christine and Janelle.

Sister Wives fans saw that it seemed as if Robyn thought she had zero faults and any tension came because the two women were being spiteful. Previously, in Season 16, she claimed that Janelle and Christine ganged up on her because they incorrectly assumed Kody spent more time with her. Anyway, he did, and nobody believed her denials. Several times, she said that the wives made no effort to be her friends. In a  teaser for the upcoming episode in Season 18, Christine talked about that.

Sister Wives Spoilers: Christine Discusses Robyn Brown

In her confessional which was shared on TLC’s Instagram page this week, Christine talked about how Robyn could have come to her and asked if they could be “friends.”  They could have perhaps discussed their differences. However, the bad feeling runs deep for the former second wife. She said, “[I] couldn’t trust her.” Actually, it sounds like none of the other wives felt that she was trustworthy.

Sister Wives Spoilers Christine Gets Real About Robyn Brown
TLC / Instagram

The Sister Wives star added, “I want you to know, I would have rejected our friendship anyway.” In the footage, Christine looked open, honest, and truthful as she nodded her head. Then she said, “To be completely honest with you, if Robyn approached me and wanted to be friends, I would not have been friends, still.” There you have it. There was obviously such deep resentment about Robyn’s not-so-transparent way of manipulating everyone’s relationships, that there’s no room for compromise.

TLC Fans Respond

In the comments section, one Sister Wives viewer wrote, “YESSS CHRISTINE👏👏 so happy she is standing up for herself!!!”

Another follower celebrated the explanation by saying, “I love that she’s not holding back anymore!”

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