OutDaughtered Star Uncle Dale Mills Shares Hilarious Snapchat Filters

OutDaughtered Star Uncle Dale Mills Shares Hilarious Snapchat Filters

OutDaughtered fans love Uncle Dale Mills because of his huge sense of humor and nothing spells “humor” like the array of Snapchat filter options. This weekend, the TLC star posted up some of the fun he enjoyed with Parker and Hazel Busby and the photos looked hilarious. Needing a smile? Read on to see some fun pix.

OutDaughtered: Uncle Dale Mills Makes TLC Fans Laugh

Uncle Dale is known to make silly and humorous comments, and he even really get angry if people troll him. His extended family, which includes the Busbys often gets his humor aimed at them, which makes it entertaining for his followers. One memorable scene involved Dale threatening a snowman during the holiday season, which left audiences in stitches from laughter. And, he once photoshopped a birthday picture of Danielle Busby which made her look ridiculous.

OutDaughtered fans know that the husband of Aunt Kiki is particularly close to his niece, Hazel. But, as he explains in his hashtags, he loves all of his nieces and not just the red-headed quint. Actually, he’s fortunate to have so many sweet kids in his life. Apart from Blayke, Riley, Ava, Hazel, Oliva, and Parker, his own kids, McKenzie and Bronson are adorable as well. This week, he played around on Snapchat with two of the quints.

OutDaughtered Quints Look Hilarious In Uncle Dale’s Photos

On the weekend, everyone’s favorite uncle took to his Instagram stories and shared that he’d been at a birthday party. Perhaps that put him in a happy mood as his next slide revealed hilarious Snapchat moments. His text overlay explained, “Snapchat fun last night with Hazel and Parker.” And, it certainly seems that he thoroughly enjoyed himself with the two Busby kids.

OutDaughtered Star Uncle Dale Mills Shares Hilarious Snapchat Filters
Dale Mills / Instagram Stories

In one of them, Hazel looked seriously grumpy. And in another one, Parker looked at least 100 years old! Meanwhile, Dale looked rather unattractive as an older person, and a bit like Yogi Bear in others. OutDaughtered quint Parker came up as a very cute baby girl in one of the pix. Not everyone likes it when people use Snapchat filters all the time. But, from time to time, they really can be amusing. One can just imagine the squeals of laughter from the two eight-year-old quints as they interacted with their amusing relative.

Season 9 On TLC

OutDaughtered premiered again last week, and TLC fans who missed the family were happy to see the show return. Spoilers indicated that fans might not see as many cameos of Uncle Dale and Aunt Kiki in the future. However, fans will see enough of him to be able to get some giggles from the popular support charcter. Did you enjoy the amusing Snapchat photos that Uncle Dale shared? Let us know in the comments below.

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