Unexpected Star Tyra Boisseau Cries As She And Alex Wilson Are Done

Tyra Boisseau

It seems that Alex Wilson chose to leave Tyra Boisseau at the worst time for the Unexpected star. If you don’t know, she’s got baby number two on the way. Plus, her house burned down. In a recent Live, she cried as she told her TLC fans what happened. Did it involve another woman again? Is she crying when she should be holding up her head and finding a new road in her life? Read on to find out.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau And Alex Wilson Split Before

Fans witnessed a rollercoaster ride in the relationship between Tyra Boisseau and Alex Wilson. Two years ago, the couple, who were parents to their first child, Layla, broke up. Actually, fans were irritated by Alex who’d been texting other girls while Tyra was away at college. Mind you, some TLC viewers even questioned Tyra’s decision to go to college. In fact, they believed that it was solely her desire to continue her cheerleading activities. Despite the controversy, the couple remained living together, apparently for the child’s sake. Now she expects another baby, her home burned down, and it looks like Alex dumped her.

If you don’t know, Alex fathered another child with another woman. On top of all of that, Unexpected Fans heard the sad news that Tyra’s house burned down. Apparently, it might have been started by a fault in a ceiling fan. Fortunately, they were not home at the time. Generously, folks donated to her as she couldn’t use the stuff she got together for her new baby, So, her sister Tiarra set up a Go FundMe. It seems to be doing well for her, and she thanked her fans. However, right when she probably needs the most support, Alex moved on and seems like it’s permanent.

Unexpected Tyra Boisseau Tells Her Fans On A Live That Alex Wilson Left

It seems like a strange situation because they were loosely living together. Word on the street is that he was seeing his child by another woman, and Tyra claimed that she told him he should visit his child. In her Live, which was recorded and shared on social media, she said that she supported him seeing the kid. But it became more frequent. Now, she said, it looked like something became serious between him and the mother of the kid. Additionally, as she cried, she noted that while he’s gone, he will still always be in the life of Layla.

Unexpected Star Tyra Boisseau Cries As She And Alex Wilson Are Done
Tyra Boisseau via tlc.unexpectedteaa / Instagram

Unexpected fans were not so sure that this was a great time for him to leave the TLC star. Actually, some of them felt that as she’d giving sending him money and it might have been used for the other woman, he saw the coffers were empty. Obviously, now that she has an urgent financial need with the house burned down, the purse strings are closed. Naturally, that makes TLC fans convinced that he just used Tyra for her money.

TLC Fans React On Instagram

Unexpected fans feel sorry for Tyra Boisseau, but they also think it’s time she moved on from Alex. One of them said, “This girl deserves better and until she realizes that she’s gonna keep going back to him 😭.”

Another follower wrote, “I  hate this for her but it will be a hard lesson for her. She won’t realize it until later on down the road. You can’t have a baby with a man to keep him. A baby does not save the relationship.”

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