Unexpected Star Tyra Boisseau Updates Her Fans On Losing Her House In A Fire

Tyra Boisseau

Unexpected is a reality TV show on TLC that follows young people who fall pregnant at a young age. Tyra Boisseau, her sister, Tiarra, and her cousin, Taylor all featured on it. Tiarra told fans that Tyra’s house burned down. After the shock set in, Tyra also went online and updated her fans about the tragic loss. If you don’t know, she’s due to birth her second child in just a few weeks.

Unexpected On TLC Is Similar To Teen Mom – Tyra Gets A Shock

If you watched Teen Mom, you will know that the show ran successfully on MTV for years. In fact, there were lots of spinoff shows. But, as the women grew older, and the kids started growing up, interest faded away. Stars like Kailyn Lowry left the show, which could have helped with the loss of viewers. Still, TLC’s edition continues to run. There are still plenty of adorable kids to see over there.  Tyra Boisseau has a lovely daughter by her baby daddy, Alex Wilson, named Layla. Her second child soon comes, but it’s not clear if Alex fathered the baby.

Unexpected fans often see photos of cute kids like Layla, but from the photos that emerged of the fire in Tyra’s house, the little girl is lucky to be alive. When Tiarra first broke the news about the fire, she did tell her followers that her sister and Layla were not home at the time. Now that Tyra gave more updates, it seems too awful to imagine the outcome if they had been at home. Smoke inhalation alone could have easily been deadly. Actually, there’s not much that’s salvageable. So, Tiarra actually started a GoFundMe for her sister. Clearly, they had a lucky escape, but replacing everything in time for the new baby seems to be a bit difficult.

Unexpected Update From Tyra Boisseau On The House Fire

On May 29, Tyra took to her Instagram and TikTok and shared some of the scenes from inside the house. What wasn’t burned was mostly blackened. But more alarming was the photo of the nursery. There, the ceiling had come down and it looked like smoke had blackened the walls. Actually, the most damage seemed to be in the kitchen area. In her caption, Tyra said, “Thank you guys for all the help it truly means a lot. there’s a link tree in my bio for anyone who can help.” Of course, she referred to the GoFundMe.

Unexpected Star Tyra Boisseau Updates Her Fans On Losing Her House In A Fire
Tyra Boisseau / Instagram

252 Unexpected fans have donated so far, and already, they raised over $5K. Even though many people don’t have a lot of cash, they send in what little they can spare. Others are more generous, and it looks like many more TLC fans will do their best to help the pregnant mom. Of course, people want to know what caused the fire. Apparently, it was a ceiling fan that was installed. It might not have been correctly wired.

TLC Fans Comment On Instagram

Unexpected fans hope that TLC might reach out to help Tyra. Meanwhile, others hope that insurance will cover the loss. Electrical fires can be really scary. One fan said, “[We] put up new light fixtures in my house years ago and a couple years ago we turned on our bedroom light and it started sparking and smoking I called my rental office right away thank god it did[n’t] catch on fire.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe, the link is HERE.

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