Teen Mom 2 Fans See Lux The Adorable Son Of Kailyn Lowry Looking Super-Cute

Kailyn Lowry

Teen Mom 2 fans really love the way that Lux, the son of Kailyn Lowry and Chris Lopez grows up as such a happy little kid. Actually, all of her kids seem to be exceptionally nice young boys, so MTV fans give her kudos for good parenting. Not to mention her co-parenting. Mind you, it hasn’t always been an easy road. This week, photos of Lux got a lot of fans feeling happy.

Teen Mom 2: MTV Fans Love The Kids Of Kailyn Lowry

During her tenure on the show, Kail wasn’t without controversy. A strong personality, she and Jenelle Evans clashed more than once. Of course, the Briana DeJesus lawsuit was another example of her sometimes fiery personality. However, it seems that she has managed to be a good mom and she raises her boys right. Actually, she always wanted more kids after she and Jo Riviera welcomed Isaac. Her second child, Lincoln was with Javi Marroquin. And of course, she also had Lux and Creed from Chris Lopez.

Teen Mom 2 fans see that the kids have grown up considerably over the years. Actually, it turned out that Isaac is very talented in music. Meanwhile, Lincoln seems to be doing well at basketball. Of course, Creed is a cute two-year-old. However, Lux also dishes the cute moments. In fact, he gets a lot of cuteness overload comments on his mom’s Instagram and on the page that Kailyn runs for him.

Teen Mom 2: Adorable Photos Of Cute Lux Lowry Shared By Kailyn

On April 4, Kailyn took to her Instagram and shared some very cute photos of Lux. Actually, Chris Lopez and Kail seem to have set some differences aside. So, MTV fans made note of the fact they seem to co-parent okay these days. In her caption, Kailyn said, “Such a cute night 🥳 @luxrlowry’s first Spanish immersion night & @lincmarroquin’s last but definitely one to remember 🫶🏼 🇬🇹🇲🇽.”

Teen Mom 2 Fans See Lux The Adorable Son of Kailyn Lowry Looking Super-Cute
Kailyn Lowry / Instagram

Naturally, Teen Mom 2 fans said some really good things about Kailyn and her cute little boy. Additionally, Coffee Convos co-host, Lindsie Chrisley also turned up in the comments, and some discussion followed as the shirts had been discussed by the duo. They nearly didn’t arrive in time. One follower commented, “Yes! Glad to see you got both white long sleeves and not in girls size 😆 iykyk.”

Co-parenting Kudos

Teen Mom 2 fans commented on the photos of the cute kid, but lots of people loved to see that Kailyn and Chris seem to co-parent pretty well these days. More than one comment arrived. Here are a few of them:

Love the coparenting happening at this event. You’re an amazing mom! Keep up the great work.

So happy for you and the boys Kail coparenting at its finest…and we love the matching fits.

Okay we see the co-parenting Kail!!! So happy for y’all and go Lux he’s our student of the month always ❤️.”

Co parenting win! You guys should be proud!”

What are your thoughts about the super-cute kid, Lux, and the fact that Kailyn and Chris Lopez seem to do a good job with co-parenting these days? Shout out in the comments below.

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