Bringing Up Bates: Carlin Bates Shares A Major Milestone For Zade

Carlin Bates

Carlin Bates formerly on Bringing Up Bates is married to Evan Stewart, and they are parents to two beautiful children, Layla and Zade. Layla was born in 2020 and Zade arrived in March 2022. He’s now a little over a year old and recently mastered the art of walking unaided. Actually, he seems like a very cute little boy, and UPtv fans love to see photos of him with his big sister.

Bringing Up Bates Fanbs Were Very Worried About Carlin Bates

After Zade was born, his mom became very ill. It was quite terrifying as her husband, Evan shared her having frightening seizures. UPTv fans who follow Carlin Bates became aware that she faced some medical difficulties in recent years. Recall, she and her husband both got covid-19 at one stage. Plus, she began the seizures. Actually, it took a lot of effort by medical professionals to try and find the underlying reasons for it. Meanwhile, fans speculated that the birth of her second child could have triggered them for some reason. But one thing is certain: she doesn’t have a moment’s regret that she welcomed Zade into her life.

Bringing Up Bates fans see a happy and healthy little boy. Chubby and cute, many people find him adorable. Of course. Layla is also cute. In fact, she seems to be a loving and very sweet big sister to Zade. Often, her mom shares videos of the two kids and they make fans very happy. Actually, it’s just as well she shares a lot because fans of the show are still bitterly disappointed that UPtv dumped the show. Anyway, this week, they were cheered up when Carlin revealed a major milestone for her son.

Bringing Up Bates: A Massive Milestone For Zade

In her Instagram Stories on Sunday, Carlin revealed that they went to church. Plus, they had a snack, and she also talked about visiting Evan’s hometown. They d been there for a week and caught up with family. In the same series of stories, she also shared a new milestone for her son. In the clip, Zade tottered across the floor, grinning hugely as he made it right across to the room. She set it to the music of “Break My Stride” by Matthew Wilder.

Bringing Up Bates Carlin Bates Shares A Major Milestone For Zade
Carlin Bates / Instagram Stories

Bringing Up Bates fans can’t comment on Stories, but they can comment elsewhere and in her profile posts, lots of people talk about the cute little kid. In fact, Zade has his own Instagram page that is maintained by his mom. This year’s birthday photos came a little bit late, but they still melted the hearts of UPtv fans.  Other videos that she posts revealed that Evan posed with the two kids in the same place, last year, so people could compare the kids to this year.  Certainly, they revealed how big Zade is now.

Fans Adore The Children

Choose any of Carlin’s posts and you will find Bringing Up Bates fans gushing over the two kids. The one that showed the kids a year ago and this year, was full of nice comments. One of them said, “Awwww!!❤️ Layla and Zade are getting so big!😍”

Another follower wrote, “Aww time flies. You have a beautiful family ❤️.”

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