Bringing Up Bates: Zach Bates 2024 Career Update

Zach and Whitney Bates

The Bringing Up Bates spoilers reveal Zach Bates’ 2024 career update. His wife Whitney Bates spilled the beans on social media. Zach dabbled in various careers throughout his life. He also worked as a politician and police officer. Read on to learn more.

Bringing Up Bates Spoilers: Zach Bates’ 2024 Career Update

According to the Bringing Up Bates spoilers, Whitney Bates took to her Instagram Stories to share an update with her followers. The TLC star revealed that Zach Bates got his real estate license. She also announced their new cooking channel on YouTube.

The couple has juggled several careers throughout their lives. This news came as a surprise to their fans. The young Bates couple has been praised for taking on so many odd jobs throughout the years to support their family.

The Bringing Up Bates spoilers reveal that fans took to Reddit to react to Whitney’s Instagram Stories.

One fan wrote: “I just find it super fascinating how many career/job transitions they’ve had, and they’re young! Seems like the boutique is just passive income now?!?”

Whitney and Zach Bates

Another user commented: “But I feel like the boutique is Whitney’s thing he kinda grabbed onto. I’m happy he’s doing something else and they can have multiple incomes coming in.”

A third user noted: “Yes! I love Zach and Whitney. They are smart and so down to earth. I think they are the best couple and parents out of all the kids.”

Bringing Up Bates Spoilers: Zach Bates Praised For Hardworking Ethic

According to the Bringing Up Bates spoilers, Zach Bates was praised for his hard work ethic. His fans recalled a time when he stepped down from his job as a manager at the Bates Sister’s Boutique. Instead of slacking off, he used this time to pursue a different career path.

Zach and Whitney Bates have been praised for not being like other reality stars. They are not interested in being influencers even though their kids vlog. They like to pursue different careers and see what works for them.

One fan noted: “I remember in the early seasons Zach would be the only Bates missing from day-to-day filming because he was actually working.”

The Bringing Up Bates spoilers suggest that Zach and Whitney haven’t launched their cooking channel on YouTube. However, most fans are excited to see what’s next for them in 2024. What are your thoughts on Zach’s new career? Sound off below in the comment section.

As always, check back for more Bringing Up Bates spoilers, news, and updates.

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