American Idol Judge Katy Perry Lashes Out At Bad News

Katy Perry

American Idol judge Katy Perry seems to get a bit of backlash from fans at the moment. However, she’s clearly not the sort of person to wail about that. After all, even if she left the show for being a bit controversial, it would hardly dent her purse or her career prospects. But, she is unhappy about the news in general so she lashed out at all the negative media headlines because there seems to be no good news.

American Idol Spoilers – Judge Katy Perry Knows About Bad News

As a young person, the singer/songwriter wasn’t really used to good news coming her way. After all, she didn’t grow up in a wealthy family. Reportedly, sometimes the family resorted to food kitchens and food stamps. Actually, her parents were so religious that they made up names for common food dishes so they didn’t sound satanic. Those years are long gone by and she found success. But along the way, she had problems in relationships. Recall, back in 2013, she still talked about her failed marriage to Russell Brand.

Currently, the American Idol judge is moaning because the news everywhere seems to be so bad. Admittedly, good news does come along from time to time but is soon forgotten. A few weeks ago, there was some coverage about a baby buried in the rubble in the Turkey earthquake. Rescued, the kid was reunited with his mom. It lasted for what felt like five seconds on headline news. Mind you, it lasted a lot longer on social media, because people resort to following posts that are less about doom and gloom, for their own sanity.

American Idol Updates – Katy Perry Takes To Twitter – Good News, Bad News

Clearly, recent news depressed the “I Kissed a Girl” singer. On April 14, she took to Twitter and wrote, “why isn’t there a rule that at least 50% of the news has to be focused on the GOOD that’s happening in the world & then the other 50% can be unbiased reporting on the other stuff (typically bad).” Actually, if there was such a rule, then perhaps half of the bad things reported might never happen. Too much bad news really makes people feel sad and depressed.

American Idol Judge Katy Perry Lashes Out At Bad News
Katy Perry On Twitter

Perhaps the American Idol judge could try and make her very own news channel that features half good and half bad news. After all, she has a reported net worth of hundreds of millions of dollars. However, the sad thing is that bad news sells. A headline about a divorce is not just bout a divorce. In fact, most often the title will spice it up with words like “toxic,” “messy,” “trainwreck,” or possibly “devastating.” Back in 2007, The Guardian ran an article about why bad news sells.

The Good News For The Media Is That Bad News Sells

Perhaps Katy Perry, who often dishes bad news to  American Idol contestants can get a better idea of why her idea might never work. Roy Greenslade wrote that people don’t really care about any news unless it directly impacts them.  This might account for why top-selling news titles seem to be about “war, weather, disaster, money, and crime.” These days you could probably throw in health as well. Could that be why almost daily there are headlines about fatal viruses incoming? Or, could that explain the bold scary colors and headlines about the so-called “Climate Emergency?”

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