The Young And The Restless (Y&R) Spoilers: After Self-Defense Murder Phyllis’ Scheme Backfires Sending Her Into Downward Spiral

The Young And The Restless: Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford)

The Young and the Restless (Y&R) spoilers reveal Phyllis Summers (Michelle Stafford) killing Jeremy Starke (James Hyde) after he threatened not only her but her children’s lives as well. Phyllis has been second-guessing herself throughout her latest scheme.

The Young And The Restless Spoilers – Phyllis Continues To Make Bad Choices

Involving herself with someone like Starke was definitely not her best idea and now it seems the consequences of her poor choices are coming back to haunt her. I will say that after Starke acted the way he did toward Phyllis she was absolutely right in fighting back. The one trait that I do love about Phyllis is her unconditional love towards her children, she may overstep her bounds and meddle too much but she does mean well. I know this latest scheme was more about getting back at Diane Jenkins (Susan Walters) and making her pay, it seems this time around she is way over her head and only making things worse.

After killing Starke instead of calling the cops and telling them what happened, she decides to hide his body. Phyllis is good at a lot of things but the criminal mastermind is not on that list. She could have easily explained to the cops that her violent ex-con husband threatened her life and that what transpired was in self-defense playing the victim card would get her a lot further than hiding his body. I am not sure if she realizes it or not but usually, things like bodies are really hard to hide and someone always happens to come upon them. This could be the thing that not only outs the fact that she is still alive, but Diane is innocent and she was deliberately being set up.

The Young And The Restless Updates – Starke’s Death And Diane’s Set-Up Sends Genoa City Into Turmoil

As Phyllis continues her downward spiral the consequences of her actions ripple through her family and friends. We have seen the heartbreak her death has caused but did she ever think of what would happen when she was exposed as a liar? Her death has already sent her daughter, Summer Newman Abbott (Alison Lanier), down a path of revenge that could destroy her marriage to Kyle Abbott (Michel Mealor). She thinks that Diane is the reason for her mother’s death and now she is doing whatever she can in order to set Diane up to take the fall for her death.

The Young and The Restless: Jeremy Starke (James Hyde)

Once it’s revealed that not only is Phyllis alive but Summer is the one behind the planted letter at the Newman residence? This is one betrayal I don’t think Kyle could forgive her for which could cause Summer to lash out at her mother for destroying her life. This could send Summer into a tailspin where she finds out that Starke is dead and her mother is the person behind the act.

She could go to the police and out her mother as Starke’s murderer making sure she is the one who ends up behind bars. She has to also realize how much she has hurt everyone she loves as well. I am sure everyone will have very choice words for her and could end up cutting her from their lives as well. Do you think there is any way Phyllis will be able to redeem herself when everything she has done comes to light?

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