Good News Reunion Of Baby Buried Under The Earthquake Rubble In Turkey

The Turkey earthquake

The Turkey earthquake on February 6 was just the beginning of the nightmare for the country. Actually, Syria was also hard hit. Since then, multiple quakes rocked the region, and so far, there are reportedly more than 50K deaths in Turkey and over 7,000 deaths in Syria. Countless people are still missing and many more are injured. But some good news arrived this week, and it seems incredible to many folks.

Turkey Earthquake Got Reality TV Star Takes Some Heat

It seemed astonishing to people who follow the news that some people carried on going on vacation in Turkey. Whilst many reality TV stars were helping to raise money for the victims, some of them went there to have fun in Istanbul. So, some criticism went the way of 90 Day Fiance star Yara Zaya and her husband Jovi. Well, possibly the country could use some income from tourism, but it didn’t sit well with a lot of TLC fans.

The Turkey earthquake found a lot of sympathetic celebs who work in Reality TV and in the movies. Using their influence, they still help to raise funds for the rescue efforts. The damage is astronomical and it could fit into the entire county of German. Costs and losses rose to hundreds of billions of dollars, and tens of thousands of people rushed to the rescue. Well, amidst all the sorrow and pain, a good news story broke this week.

Turkey Earthquake: Baby Reunited With Mom

The news originally found on Haberet was reposted by The Good News Movement on Instagram. Actually, it also surfaced on YouTube this week. You might have seen a baby in the news that was found buried under the rubble. Reportedly, the child, three-and-a-half-month-old Vetin Begdas, was thought to have lost his mama. In the caption of the news shared on Instagram, it said, the baby “reunited with his mother Yasemin Begdas on Saturday—she had been assumed dead after the earthquake.”

Good News Reunion Of Baby Buried Under The Earthquake Rubble In Turkey
Via Good News Movement / Instagram

The amazing story about the Turkey earthquake seems incredible. Not only did the child survive being buried for “128 hours,” but his mom also survived and now they are back together after 54 days of separation. Naturally, people flocked to watch videos of it on YouTube and you can see a short video about it below this article. In the meantime, people took to the comments section on Instagram.

Good News Welcomed By Thousands Of People

The good news about the Turkey earthquake was met with joy. One follower said, “it warms my heart to know that this little baby still has a family❤️.”

Another one wrote, “Wonderful news to wake up to on a Monday morning!!! Blessed.”

Similar comments followed: “Weeping. I know the original story of the baby being saved was hopeful and powerful, but it was also heartbreaking. It’s still heartbreaking, but a little less now. A mother-sized hole has been filled ❤️ Thank you for sharing this.”

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SOURCES: The Good News Movement on Instagram

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