Little People, Big World Spoilers: Audrey Roloff Mocked For Mistake In Post

Audrey Roloff'

Little People, Big World spoilers reveal that Audrey Roloff’s followers have started to mock her based on one mistake on her Instagram account. In one of her newest Stories, she shared a photo of herself and when she captioned it, her followers saw a very simple mistake. Now they can’t let her live it down.

Little People Big World Spoilers – The New Picture

Audrey shared a photo of herself in the kitchen and she captioned it, “Hardley have any pictures of myself on my camera roll. Trying to remember now and then.” Of course, her followers saw the misspelling of the word ‘hardley’. They were quick to start in on her for her spelling. All Audrey wanted to do was share a photo of herself for once. It turns out that no matter what she does, she will get hate and backlash for it.

When her followers saw this, they immediately went to Reddit to share the post and the spelling error. They just wouldn’t let her live this down and of course, she had to have known that someone would say something to her about it.

Little People Big World Updates – Fans Take To Reddit

Redditors love to start in on reality stars and this post was no different. When the post was shared, one Redditor wrote, “Ok… Who’s Hardley? Is this going to be the new baby’s name? Is this the soft launch of her next baby?” Another added, “Does she not have to autocorrect on her phone?” The comments kept coming too. There were plenty of fans that wrote just how embarrassing this has to be for her. One more added, “I don’t know much about her so I assumed she had a kid named Hardley.” Another shared, “College-educated but spells ‘hardly’ incorrectly? I hope she doesn’t decide to home-school.”

Audrey Roloff

This isn’t the only hate Audrey has gotten lately. After the school shooting in Nashville, she liked some posts that we pro-gun. The post that she liked was all about stricter gun laws and read, “The media insists that the lives in school shootings matter most. Why? Because you can’t relate? You don’t live there, so why do you care?” The post then stated that people need to ask that guns are brought into banks, stores, events, etc. This really did shock her fans.

Once again, Audrey has gotten a lot of hate and we will just have to see what happens next and if she can explain herself and why she is liking these pro-gun posts after a horrific shooting.

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