Alaskan Bush People: How Did River Brown React To The Arrival Of Cove?

Alaskan Bush People: How Did River Brown React To The Arrival Of Cove?

Alaskan Bush People news reveals that Raiven Adams Brown took her new baby, Cove home this weekend, and his big brother River met the new addition. So, how did he react? Fortunately, the Discovery star took some photos and explained how her firstborn behaved. Additionally, she dropped some interesting news about River that you might not know about.

Alaskan Bush People – Raiven Brown Gets Cove Out Of The NICU

Since the arrival of her baby by C-Section at 38 weeks, Raiven gave Discovery fans plenty of updates. Early on, she talked about why Cove went into the NICU. Apparently, he was nearly full term but arrived with respiratory problems. In fact, she felt a bit down about it as it’s a problem usually associated with younger preemies. Anyway, by the beginning of the weekend, her son was getting better and doctors took out the tubes and other medical gadgets.

Alaskan Bush People fans didn’t see many photos of River when he was born. However, it’s almost as if this time, Bear’s wife makes up for it with pix of Cove. Actually, the two boys look very much alike at the same age. Cove, however, was born with dark hair. So, maybe he’ll take after his mom. Sometimes, babies disturb the older siblings, and in fact, TLC star Maddie brown Brush watched her son regress back to using his pacifier. So, is there likely to be a similar issue with River? Read on to find out.

Alaskan Bush People: Cute River Reacts To Cove

When Raiven took her new baby home, she posted two photos of Cove and his big brother. Little River reached out while smiling and placed his arm on his little brother. While the photos were sweet, the caption seemed rather interesting. Raiven said, “River said please have and signed please when he seen the baby. Lol and he kept saying awe cute baby and smiling and was super excited.”

Alaskan Bush People How Did River Brown React To The Arrival Of Cove
Raiven Adams Brown / Instagram

Did you know that the Alaskan Bush People stars had taught their child to sign? Actually, TLC star Jacob Roloff from Little People Big World and his wife Isabel did the same thing with Mateo. Raiven Adams Brown  also predicted, “I can tell that we are gonna be friends 💙.”

Discovery Fans React

Some folks replied when the Alaskan Bush People star spoke about signing. One of them said, “Aww how precious😍 he’s going to be such a loving big brother ❤️.”

Another fan noted, “That’s so cute. River is going to be the best big brother. ❤️”

Little kids can be taught to sign, and apparently, it makes life much easier for them and their parents. Instead of frustration while trying to communicate, they get their needs known and met quickly.

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