Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Brown Dishes Why She Uses Disposable Diapers

Raiven Brown

Alaskan Bush People stars Raiven and Bear Brown welcomed their second bundle of joy on January 20, 2023. Although baby Cove seemed to want to emerge early, he went almost full term and was delivered by C-Section. Since then, a lot of updates and photos arrived. This weekend, Raiven explained why she chose to use disposable diapers for her second child.

Alaskan Bush People Star Raiven Brown Updates On Cove

Updates started arriving as soon as Cove was born. However, since he met his older sibling, River, many more followed. How did River react when he met his little brother for the first time? Well, that seemed to go smoothly. In fact, his mom said, “River said please have and signed please when he [saw] the baby.” Discovery fans can’t wait until Cove is a  bit older and footage arrives of the two boys playing.

Alaskan Bush People fans heard that in February, Bear and Raiven were with their new son in Texas. Recall, she also gave birth to River in that state. Unfortunately, it meant that Ami, who wasn’t in Texas didn’t meet her new grandson straight away. And that made sense because he was born with repository problems. Now, a new update revealed that Cove is wearing disposable diapers.

Alaskan Bush People – Raiven Brown Uses Disposable Diapers On Cove

On Saturday, Raiven took to her Instagram page and shared a photo of her little boy all tuckered out. In the photo, he wore a little onesie undone at the bottom, so his diaper could be seen. In her caption, Raiven wrote, “Someone’s tired 🤣💙.” Naturally, Discovery fans mentioned how they suspected that Cove’s mom might also feel that way. After all, babies can be hard work!

Alaskan Bush People Raiven Brown Dishes Why She Uses Disposable Diapers
Raiven Brown / Instagram

One Alaskan Bush People fan noticed the diaper and recalled that River wore cloth ones when he was still very little. So, they wrote, “For some reason I always thought you cloth diapered.” Kindly, Raiven replied, saying, “I did for a while with river! Waiting to get all of them from up mountain to bring them to my house! The snow was to bad to go up! (sic).” Perhaps the fan asked the equation because everyone knows that Bear Brown loves the wilderness, and disposable can end up in the environment.

Are Cloth Diapers Better Than Disposables?

Alaskan Bush People fans might understand why Raiven Brown needs those cloth diapers. According to the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles, they can help to prevent dryness of the skin from “chemicals” found in disposables. Furthermore, cloth diapers “lead to earlier potty training for your infant. Using a cloth diaper allows your infant to feel the wet sensation against their skin and become more aware of when they have gone potty.”

What are your thoughts on the pros and cons of cloth and disposable diapers? Let us know in the comments below.

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