Hallmark May Have Canceled Kitten Bowl, But Its Stars Continue To Work On It

Hallmark May Have Canceled Kitten Bowl, But Its Stars Continue To Work On It

Kitten Bowl spoilers, news, and updates tease that Hallmark stars continue to be an advocate of pet rescue programs despite the network’s move to stop pet-friendly programs/events.

Hallmark canceled its Kitten Bowl last year, which really made some fans sad because of how the event helped pet rescue institutions around the country. It also provided awareness of the importance of rescuing pets while making viewers love them even more. Hallmark announced that they don’t have any plans of showing any pet-focused programs for now. However, some of the stars of the network continue to work with pet rescue programs.

Stars continue to be advocates of pet rescue

Will Kemp, star of Christmas Waltz, had always supported pet rescue programs like Project Street Dog. He also donated to the organization through Cameo, a video-sharing website where celebrities get to send personalized messages to their fans. It is one way to connect with the fans.

Now, he wants to let his fans know he has something in store for the fans who will donate to the organization. What a way to use his influence, right? He announced that two fans who donate to Project Street Dog would receive a personalized video from him. The donation has no minimum requirement, and willing fans who want to join his promo can donate until February 15.

Other Hallmark stars, Ben Rosenbaum and Erin Krakow, both star on When Calls the Heart, also continue their pet rescue advocacy by rescuing one on their own. They adopted Willoughby from Tobies Small Dog Rescue. It was Catherine Bell, also the star of the Hallmark series Good Witch, who introduced the rescue center to Erin and Ben. Bell also adopted a pet from the rescue center.

Hallmark May Have Canceled Kitten Bowl, But Its Stars Continue To Work On It

Not the end for Kitten Bowl

Though the event has been canceled by Hallmark, GAC Media showed interest in the program shortly after the news. According to Variety, former president and CEO of Crown Media Bill Abbot was disappointed about the cancellation of the program. The program was a great part of his work at Hallmark, and worked closely on it throughout the years. And according to the report, since Abbott has acquired GAC, they are looking into the possible acquisition of the program.

Though right now, there is no specific event directly related to Kitten Bowl, GAC created the Great American Rescue Bowl in response to the cancellation. We hope that these pet rescue programs continue to encourage more people to adopt instead of buying. Be sure to catch up on everything happening with Kitten Bowl right now. Come back here often for Kitten Bowl spoilers, news, and updates.

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