Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Won’t Meet Baby Cove Any Time Soon

Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Won't Meet Baby Cove Any Time Soon

Alaskan Bush People fans know that Raiven Adams and Bear Brown welcomed their second child and little Cove ended up in the NICU. He’s now out of the hospital and living with his mom and dad. While Raiven’s not shy about sharing photos of her new son, nothing emerged that showed Grandma Ami with the cute kid. Is there a problem between the couple and his family? Read on to find out.

Alaskan Bush People Fans See Lots Of Photos Of Cove

Since her baby arrived, Raiven has given her fans a lot of info and shared photos of her son. Initially, they were very worried about their baby who ended up in the NICU. In fact, she and Bear delayed telling fans his name. Fortunately, everything turned out okay, and he’s since left the hospital. So9mne adorable photos arrived that showed how thrilled River felt about his sibling.

Alaskan Bush People fans were interested to learn that River and Cove look very much alike. However, Cove arrived with dark hair. Some folks think that both of the boys look a lot like Ami’s late husband, Billy. Meanwhile, Ami Brown wasn’t around to see the baby in person as Raiven had her child in Texas. Ami seems like a very sweet grandma, so she probably looks forward to meeting Cove. But, it doesn’t look like that will happen soon.

Alaskan Bush People: Ami Brown Shunned By Raiven?

When it came time for Cove to see a doctor after his release from the NICU, a fan said some nice things and asked a question. @2boxer_blkcat wrote, “Bear’s dad would be overjoyed at the new addition to the family. Has Ami gotten to see him yet? Congratulations 🎊.” Well, in her reply, Raiven made it very clear that she hasn’t met him. In fact, none of the family has met little Cove. However, you don’t need to worry that any big problems exist between them.

Alaskan Bush People Star Ami Brown Wont Meet Baby Cove Any Time Soon
Raiven Adms Brown / Instagram

The Alaskan Bush People star clarified, “[Cove] was just released from a nicu after having a lot of lung issues during rsv and cold season!” Well, it makes sense that she needs to be careful. If you don’t know, although Cove was delivered almost full term, he got a respiratory infection usually associated with much younger babies. She also told her Discovery followers, “We have shared we are in Texas ami is not. We won’t be having anyone really meet him until he’s a bit older. Both of our family’s will meet him but not right now.”

Discovery Fans Agree Raiven Made A Good Decision

Alaskan Bush People fans mostly agree that Raiven Adamns Brown made a wise choice. After all, why risk the little one during the flu season? Maybe once the weather changes, they will return to Washington with both their sons for a big reunion.

One follower, “@mechille wrote, “That is a wise decision! I always did the same with my babies and now my children do the same with my grandchildren! Your babies are adorable 💙💙.”

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