Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Brown Updates On Cove & Shares Twin Pix

Alaskan Bush People: Raiven Brown Updates On Cove & Shares Twin Pix

Alaskan Bush People fans have already seen a few photos of Raiven Adams and Bear Brown’s second baby, Cove. At the moment, their son is in the NICU, although he wasn’t born prematurely. Apparently, he arrived at 38 weeks, but with respiratory problems usually found in younger preemies. If you recall, when River was born, he also spent time in the NICU. Now, Raiven gave her Discovery fans an update. Plus she revealed comparison photos of the two kids at the same age. She thinks that they look like twins.

Alaskan Bush People: Cove Is Still In The NICU

About a week ago, fans found out that Cove had arrived but had to go into the NICU. At the time, Raiven didn’t say why. But later, she returned and shared that he had respiratory problems. Actually, she felt so frustrated. After all, she felt proud to carry her son for so long. At one stage her doctor put her on bed rest. Naturally, Discovery fans send in positive thoughts for the baby. Those who pray, do that as well.

Alaskan Bush People fans think that already, there’s a striking likeness between Cove and his big brother, River. Actually, the way genetics work clearly fascinated many people. As soon as a baby arrives, folks look to see who they resemble the most. Interestingly, Cove arrived with dark hair, unlike his brother. However, that might change as he gets a bit older. This week, their mom shared two photos of her babies and she thinks they seem to look like twins.

Alaskan Bush People: Cove Update From Raiven Brown

On January 27, Bear’s wife shared two photos in her Stories that were stitched together. In her post, she said, “River vs Cove, Copy Paste Mama said.” Can you tell them apart? Then she gave her fan an update. Although Cove is in the NICU, it seems that he’s on the mend. His mom told fans that he’s been using a “crib.” Additionally, they removed the “tubes” and other things. Plus, she reminded fans that her second boy isn’t a “preemie.

Alaskan Bush People Raiven Brown Updates On Cove And Shares Twin Pix
Raiven Adams Brown / Instagram Stories

Alaskan Bush People fans have commented on other photos of Cove, and already, they’d decided that Cove and River seem to be like twins. Actually, River was born in March 2020. So, with less than two years between them, in a few years, they could be mistaken for twins. Of course, if Cove keeps his darker hair, then that might not hold true. In the meantime, it’s fun to speculate about the two kids.

Raiven Refuses Advice About The Health Of Her Baby

One thing that fans of Alaskan Bush People have learned is that Raiven Adams Brown won’t be pushed around on her own social media. When she shared about Cove being in the NICU, she said, “I am not asking for medical advice or theories on my sons health. If you comment things like that I’ll either delete them or block you.” However, she doesn’t seem to mind folks talking about how cute the two boys seem to be.

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