Jeremiah & Hannah Duggar Struggling, Why Is Jim Bob Duggar Not Helping Them?

Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar

Duggar Family News reveals that fans are showing some concern over the fact that Jeremiah and Hannah Duggar are living out of their RV and about to welcome their first baby. Many fans feel that this is no way to raise a child and if they really are struggling, why doesn’t Jim Bob Duggar help them out the way that he has helped all of his other children?

Counting On Spoilers – RV Life With A Child

Many of Jeremiah’s fans have been pretty worried about the fact that he and Hannah plan on raising a child while living in a very small RV. Some fans feel like they are struggling with money and they want to know just why his parents won’t help them. They are expecting their first child together and they shared with their fans that they renovated an RV and they are planning on living in it. They love to travel and they felt that this would be the best way that they could do it.

Living in an RV does have a lot of advantages for couples who are without children. Raising an infant in one doesn’t seem to be the best idea though. Where will they put the crib? Will it be safe for a newborn to live in the RV?

Counting On Updates – Fans Share Their Opinions

When Hannah shared a baby bump photo on her Instagram account, she also answered some of her fans’ questions. She told her fans, “Honestly, I love the camper so much, and I think it’ll work great while the baby is still little. We will move into a house eventually, but we aren’t in a rush. This has been perfect for us right now.” Hannah mentioned that she wanted to “keep things pretty simple” for now. This has led many fans to believe that they are struggling with money and they think that Jim Bob should help them out.

Jim Bob Duggar

Jim Bob has helped out his other children with money and housing, but it seems like he hasn’t been in Jeremiah’s life that much. This seems odd and has led some fans to believe that perhaps Jim Bob’s finances aren’t exactly where he has led fans to believe. One fan wrote, “Jim Bob owns a ton of land and rentals. You’d think they might buy one or build a house on one. These couples have no big school debt, probably no debt at all. They probably also have little credit history either.”

One more fan added, “JB used to give houses to the newlyweds. Now he seems to just give them some land to park a trailer on. I suspect that a lot of the house-getting money has been spent on legal fees.”

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