The Little Couple: Will Klein Learns An Interesting New Skill

Will Klein

The Little Couple fans last saw Will Klein on TLC in 2019 and he was still a little kid. However, he’s grown into a handsome young man and fans can’t get over his appearance. This weekend, his mom, Dr, Jen Arnold revealed that he’s learning a new skill. In fact, it seems rather impressive. So what is he up to at the moment? Read on to find out.

The Little Couple – Will Klein Seems Very Grown Up

When Zoey and Will were on the show, TLC fans saw that Billy and Jen made sure to let the kids explore their own cultures. Anyway, lots of footage came out that showed them learning new things. However, they were away from TV for so long, that even if the show returned now, fans would hardly believe that Will and Zoey are the same people. Both of them, are in their teens now and Zoey has become a poised young woman. Meanwhile, fans gush over Will who towers over his mom.

The Little Couple fans also saw that Will is close in height to his dad, Billy. Back in August when they were on vacation, fans commented on that. Apart from a growth spurt, these days, the TLC alum has a growing interest in other things. Remember, as a kid, he seemed completely fascinated by anything to do with NASA and rocket ships. This week, his mom shared that follows his new interest quite passionately.

The Little Couple – Will Klein Seems Good At His New Skill

Recently, Dr. Jen shared some slides and set them to the music of “Deck The Halls.” It’s a nice seasonal piece of jazz and that’s what her son’s new interest is. Actually, he’s not just interested in jazz, but he’s learning o play the saxophone. In her post, Jen wrote, “Will is starting to love music and has been wanting to play the #saxophone for awhile. My brother is a great saxophone player. This weekend Will got to try playing for the first time. So much fun seeing my brother teach & inspire Will.”

The Little Couple Will Klein Learns An Interesting New Skill
Dr. Jen Arnold / Instagram

The Little Couple kid looked professional and clearly, he learns the ropes on the instrument. Actually, it’s not easy to learn to play the sax as it takes a special combination of breath and use of the tongue. However, once people get the technique, they usually fall in love with it. Once again, Will looked so grown up, that amazed fans couldn’t help but note how handsome he looked.

TLC Fans React

The Little Couple fans took to the comments to talk about Will Klein. Here’s a small sample of what they said:

He is handsome😍😍😍😍

How cool is that?!

That’s awesome. I hope he decides to learn. He looks so handsome standing there holding it. ❤️

Will is getting so big & handsome. He will be a success at playing the saxophone.”

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