The Little Couple Star Will Klein Is Now On TikTok

Will Klein

The Little Couple fans who follow his mom, Doctor Jen Arnold know that Will Klein is not a tiny little kid these days. Actually, he’s officially a teenager now, but the news that he has his own TikTok shocked some TLC fans. After all, where did the years go? Recall, fans last saw him on TLC  in 2019 and that was filmed the year before.

The Little Couple Canned On TLC

If the show hadn’t stopped, then the fact that Will grew up might not be such a shock. Judging by what Zoey and Jen said, it was not their decision to stop filming after the covid lockdowns. Apparently, it came from the execs at the network. These days, Will lives in Boston where his mom works. He enjoys trying to learn to play the saxophone, going to football matches, and doing all the things that other teens enjoy. Occasionally, the family gets to Florida to visit their old haunts, but they seem to have settled well into Boston life.

The Little Couple family recently celebrated Will turning 13 years old. They went to New York for the occasion. There, Zoey got in some shopping. A photo of the birthday party at the restaurant showed Will looking tall, towering over his mom At first glance, he looked old enough to finally take on the bill for his own party. But those people who don’t follow Jen sometimes miss the updates of the kids.

The Little Couple Mom Jen Arnold Shares About Will Klein On TikTok

Will already has over 16K followers on TikTok. Plus, he shared 26 videos. But obviously, his mom wanted him to find a few more followers. On the weekend, she took to her Instagram and shared a short clip of her son. In her caption, she said, “Hey @jimmyfallon, your successor is practicing his moves 😂. ” Some fans seemed utterly shocked that the young man was on TikTok. Actually, for some of the, it would be like Tori Roloff saying that Jackson has his own TikTok.

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Jen Arnold / Instagram

For many fans of The Little Couple, in their minds, Will is still a tiny little guy who is being so sweet with his even smaller sister, Zoey. TV does that to people: it shortens the time so everything seemed to have happened just yesterday. One fan said in the comments, “I can’t believe this is Will, who only yesterday was “a toddler” he’s a handsome young man ❤️.” Well, it sure does feel like he grew up in about five seconds.


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Posts On TikTok

The Little Couple fans who follow Will on the platform see that he’s way not a little kid anymore. Actually, he’s got some great content up there and his followers seem to enjoy his channel. His first intro video revealed their trip to New Hampshire when they got to ride on the train. A football fan, he’s got some videos up of people like Tom Brady. Additionally, he shared that he has two accounts. His alternate one is @willklein_40.

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