Little People Big World: Audrey Drops Photos On Radley’s First Birthday

Audrey Roloff

Little People Big World (LPBW) alum Audrey Roloff raises three gorgeous kids and Radley Knight, the newest addition just turned one year old. Actually, it seems like just yesterday the little boy joined the family. On the night before his first birthday, Audrey took to her main Instagram page and to her stories where she dropped some photos of her baby.

Little People Big World – Audrey Roloff Birthed Radley In A Tub

With all of her kids, Audrey detailed her birth story. While some TLC fans felt that Ember’s arrival looked way too painful, they admire her for being real about childbirth. With Radley, they saw that she seemed to be in a relaxed environment and Jermey was right there to love and assist her through her labor. You might not like Audrey, but you have to like the way she normalizes the facts about having babies. Additionally, she shares her journey as a mom after she gives birth,

Little People Big World fans already learned that Radley Knight Roloff met some milestones. He started crawling in June. Additionally, his parents were careful to get him into swimming lessons very young. After all, there’s no point in risking a watery tragedy. The photos that Audrey shares don’t yet show Radley toddling around unaided, but she has mentioned that he’s a bit “wobbly.” Soon, it’s likely he will be up and about getting into mischief with Ember and Bode.

Little People Big World – Throwback Photos

Audrey shared photos in her stories, and on her profile page on Instagram, she posted up a slide show.  Plenty of throwback photos emerged, including her pregnancy and the actual birth. One photo showed brand new baby Radley, and several others showed him in recent photos. Actually, he looks very much like his brother Bode. In her long caption, Audrey talked about how he’ll soon stop doing all those charming baby things, and start to move on in his life.

Little People Big World Audrey Drops Photos On Radley's First Birthday
Audrey Roloff / Instagram Stories

The Little People Big World alum said, “This first year of your life has of course gone by so much faster than the other kids… as any mama of three babies knows.” Audrey admits that the last year has been a “chaotic” one. However, she added, “your sweetness has a way of slowing us down.” Right now, she knows that time has a way of slipping away so fast. So for now, she is still cherishing  “all the baby phases” with Radley.

Radley Knight Will Grow Up On A Farm

Little People Big World fans know that Jeremy and Audrey Roloff always dreamed of owning their farm one day. Well, their search for a place finally paid off, and often, they show Ember and Bode exploring their new world. Lucky little Radley will grow up with nature and adventure all around him. As the years go by, TLC fans can expect to see plenty of photos of the youngest child enjoying his life on the farm.

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