OutDaughtered Quints Return To School – Are They Happy About 2nd Grade?

Busby Quints

The summer break came to an end and the OutDaughtered quints returned to school. Of course, they go up a grade this year. So does their big sister, Blayke, who is in middle school already. After a fun-filled summer, were they happy to be back? Adam took to his Instagram profile and his stories to share about the girls on the way to school. Plus, he filmed them when they went back home again. It’s always a bit of a shock when the big day arrives, so did the quints enjoy themselves?

OutDaughtered Quints Are Already In Second Grade

As usual, before they returned to the classroom, the Busby quints enjoyed a lot of fun with their friends. Last year, when they went into 1st grade, they enjoyed a big pool party. The kids really know how to have a good time! Like last year, 2022 saw the TLC family get out and about on short vacations to places like West Texas. Naturally, the family tradition of a trip to Splashway Waterpark was on the cards. Additionally, the kids enjoyed their summer camps. But all fun comes to an end eventually. So, were the kids smiling on the way to school?

A week out from their big day, the OutDaughtered quints enjoyed a blow-out play date with some friends. Covered in paint, they hosed down and Adam Busby said that it got a little wild.” This year, because Danielle Busby was busy with her new retail outlet for Graeson Bee, the kids spent a lot of time with their dad. However, she was around for the play date. Actually, every TLC fan knows that Adam and Danielle make the best fun times. In fact, all summer, fans of the family congratulated Adam for being such a great dad. So, as he dropped the kids off for their first day in second grade, he told each kid that he loved them.

OutDaughtered Quints Seemed Subdued

On the way to school., the Busby quints didn’t exactly look wild with joy. Usually, those little girls are laughing and smiling. But, as you can see from Adam’s stories, they looked a bit down. How many kids felt the same way on August 18? Probably a busload of them.

OutDaughtered Quints Start Second Grade
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

Later, the OutDaughtered dad shared some clips of them when they walked back home after school. Were they any happier? Danielle and Adam asked them how they enjoyed their day. Well, they were not enthused, but sweetly said that they enjoyed it. Parker seemed a bit down. And her dad tried to cheer her up.

Parker and Hazel Busby
Adam Busby / Instagram Stories

Nevertheless, there were some smiles when they arrived at the school. Mom Danielle shared that photo on her main profile.

Danielle Prays For The Kids’ Safety At School

When the OutDaughtered family arrived at the school, they posed for a photo that a friend wanted. In her caption, Danielle said, “May the Lord keep you all safe and give you strength every day to learn and grow. I love you most little baby girls 😘😘😘😘😘 .”

TLC Busby Family
Danielle Busby / Instagram

Naturally, with the school shootings in the USA, every parent probably echoes that prayer when they see their kids off to school.

Be sure to catch up on everything happening with the Busby family right now. Come back here often for more Outdaughtered spoilers, news, and updates.

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