When Calls the Heart Season 9 Teaser Shows Lucas Spending More Time With Little Jack

When Calls The Heart: Lucas

When Calls The Heart spoilers and updates tease that Lucas can be seen preparing to entertain little Jack while his mother, Elizabeth Thornton (Erin Krakow), is at work.

When Calls The Heart Spoilers – The  New Clip

In the new clip, Lucas drops by Elizabeth’s home. She notices his black eye, which he claims he got by walking into a door. Elizabeth doesn’t believe his story and is concerned about what happened to Lucas.

However, Lucas is too focused on Elizabeth’s son, whom he’ll be spending the day with while she goes to work. Lucas hands him a present, a wooden boat.

He then tells Elizabeth that it’s “just like the one your father had.” “Well, that is a very thoughtful gift,” Elizabeth replied. Fans Worry Over Lucas Not Spending Enough Time With Little Jack

Some fans were worried that Lucas wasn’t spending a lot of time with Little Jack. A few of them even thought that he wasn’t a good fit for Elizabeth after all because he doesn’t seem to show any interest in getting to know her son. The teaser, which shows Lucas and Little Jack, spending time together should put fans’ worries at ease.

When Calls The Heart Updates – Chris McNally Explains Situation With Little Jack

Lucas may have won the heart of Elizabeth but some fans remain skeptical because of his lack of interaction with her son. Most Hearties thought that she would end up with Nathan (Kevin McGarry) because he was a Mountie like her late husband and he knows how to handle kids.

Lucas on the other hand owned a bar and seemed to be less family-oriented. That’s why some of the viewers were worried that he may not become a good stepfather to Little Jack.

When Calls The Heart: Little Jack

McNally was aware of the fans’ concerns and defended his character. He said that he alter ego was supposed to have more scenes with Little Jack, but unfortunately, they weren’t included in the episodes.

“Lucas had scenes with baby Jack. They just got cut. They were there, they were written. But due to time, for whatever reason, they were gone,” he shared.

Aside from that, the coronavirus pandemic was also another reason why he didn’t have that many scenes with the little guy.

Fortunately, season 9 will address all these and perhaps fans will see that Lucas can be a good stepfather to Little Jack.

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