Hallmark Channel Spoilers: Blind Date Book Club, What Are Viewers Saying?


Hallmark Channel spoilers reveal that viewers have started to ask about one of the new movies on the network. The movie, Blind Date Book Club is all about a bookstore owner who wants to expand sales and get her customers to read books that they never would before.

Her name is Meg and she wraps the books in a brown paper bag and her customers can choose them and then come back together the next week and discuss them.

The movie is a romantic comedy and there are some viewers of the network that want to know if they should watch it or skip it. Let’s find out more.

Blind Date Book Club

This movie is all about Meg, who owns the bookstore. She has become quite successful and even ends up appearing on NPR to talk about her business.

Graham Sterling, who is an author, hears her interview and he finds her quite interesting. Graham has been working on writing an award-winning novel, but his publisher has been very hesitant about it.

He has been working on young adult fiction, but wants to branch out. Things haven’t been working out so well in this regard though.


Graham has a good feeling about Meg and her ideas, so he decides to visit her in Nantucket. He wants his new novel to be one of the books in her Blind Date Book Club.

When he shares the book with her, he uses the name Dylan Turner. He doesn’t want her to know that he is a famous author. When Meg reads the book, Graham is shocked about what he has to say about it.

The Review of Graham’s Book

When Meg reads Graham’s book. She is incredibly harsh with him. The notes that she gave him were not what he wanted to hear.

After hearing what she had to say, he tells her that he was the one who actually wrote the book. Meg does think that he should try it in the Blind Date Book Club to see if her customers like it and what feedback they would give to him.

Like most Hallmark Channel movies, Meg and Graham do end up falling in love. Viewers that have been able to watch this movie feel that it is one to watch.

The reviews have been great for the movie and it seems as if it is one of the best on the network right now.

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