Little People Big World: Tori Roloff Finds Herself In A Happy Place

Little People, Big World: Tori Roloff

Little People, Big World (LPBW) star Tori Roloff probably waved goodbye to 2021 with relief. She miscarried a baby and suffered terrible grief. Plus, at Christmas time, she sent four-year-old Jackson for surgery to try and straighten his bowed legs. Plus, she heard the news that four-year-old Lilah’s vision is not doing too badly, but one day she will need surgery. Now, with the current pregnancy, she felt “robbed” of joy. However, this week, she found a happy place emotionally.

Little People, Big World Star Tori Roloff Gives Feedback On Her Pregnancy

When the news arrived that in spring of 2022, a sibling for Jackson and Lilah Roloff arrives fans were overjoyed for her. TLC fans know that she felt terribly depressed and sad when her last baby died in the womb. However, she constantly felt unhappy after she fell pregnant again. Tori told her fans that she can’t help but think of the previous child that died. Possibly, judging by the tone of her social media, she feared it might happen again. So, she lost some of the joy that she experienced with her first two kids.

Fortunately, Little People, Big World star Tori Roloff has a supportive network of family and friends. So, they helped her through the worst of it. Therefore, she made it through the grim days of worry and stress, and eventually, she started feeling a bit more at ease. At the end of December, she told her TLC fans, “we have seen baby multiple times and we’ve heard his/her heartbeat a ton. And it’s strong.” So, she felt more secure about the third child.

Little People, Big World Star Finds Her Happy Emotional Place

Tori Roloff, Zach, Murphy the dog, and the kids all went to visit Cannon beach in Oregon recently. During her time there, she shared some nice photos of the family enjoying their rather chilly outing. From her photos, fans saw that the kids enjoyed a blast, and even Murphy looked as though he had a grin on his face. In her caption, the LPBW star told fans about her state of mind.

Little People Big World Tori Roloff Happy Place
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Little People, Big World fans saw that Tori seemed happy and that she hopes to stay that way. She said, “We had such a calm and relaxing getaway to the beach. Our whole family enjoyed walks on the beach and digging in the sand.” Then she added, “Murph loves racing through the sand and Lilah loved gathering things in her bucket! As for Zach and I, we just loved watching all happen.” Finally, she concluded, “I felt so good on this trip (in relation to pregnancy) and am really hoping it lasts!”

TLC Fans Comment

Little People, Big World fans love that Tori Roloff shares so much of her life with them. Actually, the kids light up the lives of many people. That becomes obvious in the comments of most of her posts. One fan sounded almost as happy as Tori, saying, “I don’t think you understand how happy your fam makes me!! Love you guys, thank you for including us in your life!❤️”

Another comment noted, “Beautiful picture…You two look so happy together and soon your family will be blessed with a new addition. 😇”

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