Little People Big World Star Lilah Roloff Gets A Special Upgrade

Little People Big World: Lilah Roloff

Little People, Big World (LPBW) fans love Lilah Roloff who now features on the TLC show. Very unlike her brother Jackson personality-wise, she has her very own attraction to fans. Cute, and easily identifiable with her big eyeglasses, fans can’t get enough news about her milestones. Well, this week, Tori Roloff told them that Lilah got a big upgrade. Mid you, it also seemed like a bittersweet moment for Tori.

Little People, Big World Starlet Lilah Was Quite Slow To Hit Milestones

In November last year, Lilah turned two years old, and already, her personality shines through. Even her grandpa, Matt Roloff told his fans she was all personality when she was still a tiny baby. These days, Lilah loves pretty things, enjoys wearing her little dresses, and looks every inch like a cute princess. However, at one stage, Tori worried that there might be something wrong with her little girl. Apart from her crossed eyes, fortunately, nothing else untoward happened. Mind you, Tori knows that one day, she might need surgery to help correct her vision.

Fans of Little People, Big World know that Lilah Roloff seemed a bit slower than her brother to hit her milestones. In fact, when she was one year old, she still couldn’t sit up unaided. Actually, she managed to crawl and finally stood up, but it took a long time before she could manage it without help. However, when she held onto her stroller and walked, she suddenly got the idea. Nowadays, the cute kid walks just fine and keeps up with her bigger brother. More and more often these days, her mom shares about the milestones in her daughter’s life.

Little People, Big World Star Tori Talks About Lilah’s Big Upgrade

Tori Roloff took to her main Instagram page on January 26 and posted about Lilah. She revealed in her photos that the major upgrade is a proper big girl’s bed. So, she’s out of the crib now. Actually, Tori expects another baby this year, so it might be handy to have a crib on hand. In her caption, Tori wrote, “Okay… but when did my baby girl get so big?! 😭😭😭.” Sitting on the bed in her jammies, Lilah smiled and looked delighted. Plus, the bedding looked soft and very warm for winter.

Little People Big World Star Lilah Roloff Gets A Special Upragade
Tori Roloff / Instagram

Little People, Big World fans joined in under the comments section to chat about Lilah. Here’s a small sample of what they said:

Stoppppp!! Seriously, when did she get old enough for this?? 💕💕

Oh Lilah Ray you’re so adorable in your big girl bed 💞💕.

She looks so happy! And it’s hard on momma’s heart!!!

Beautiful room for your beautiful daughter! ❤️❤️❤️They grow way too fast, right?

She’s only 26 months old, she’s still your sweet baby!!😍”

Tori Soon Welcomes Another Baby

Little People, Big World fans heard that Tori expects another baby. So, this spring, Lilah and Jackson Roloff will have a sibling. Previously, the TLC star fell pregnant after Lilah arrived, but sadly, the baby died before it reach full term. So, TLC fans hope and pray that very soon, Tori has another newborn to cuddle.

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