LPBW: Isabel Roloff Explains Why Mateo’s Birth Date Is So Important

LPBW: Isabel Roloff

Little People, Big World (LPBW) alum Jacob Roloff and his wife Isabel welcomed their baby boy Mateo in early December. This week, she explained why his birth date is so special to her. Certainly, it looks like her magical baby boy was predestined to arrive in her life right when he did. Obviously, he would have been received with joy at any time, but her story about his timing seems both beautiful and sad.

LPBW – The Names Of Mateo Were Important To Isabel Roloff

There certainly seems to be something special about Mateo. Even his names have special significance in the lives of his mom and dad. After Mateo arrived, she told her TLC fans that they welcomed “Mateo Tomás.” Mateo, of course, stands for Matthew, the name of the Little People, Big World patriarch, Matt. Meanwhile, her dad’s Chilean, so they honored him with the Spanish spellings. Meanwhile, her late brother was named Tomas Garreton who died about 9 years ago.

Jacob Roloff of LPBW was always a spiritually aware sort of person. Well, he married a spiritually aware life partner. So, it’s not surprising that they both find special things to celebrate about their son. Actually, Jacob seems to be exactly the kind of dad that fans predicted. Isabel shouted him out for his loving dedication right from the start. Actually, when baby Mateo was still in the NICU, he carefully saw to the baby’s needs. In years to come, TLC fans really hope the couple might start sharing some photos of the newest addition to the family.

Why Is The LPBW Couple So Happy About Mateo’s Birth Date?

Taling to her Instagram on December 23, Isabel explained how it all worked out. In an uplifting and yet sad post, she talked about her mom. Her post read, “On this day in 2014, my mom had to be in the hospital for labored breathing. Her recent cancer diagnosis was grim and we didn’t have much time left.” Well, she explained that as a teen, she prayed for her mom to be home Christmas. Like some sort of miracle, that happened. She added, “But that doesn’t mean I don’t remember the pain and the distress of those days. We had the wonder of Christmas sprinkled in of course. But it was hard; really hard.”

LPBW Isabel Roloff Mateo Birth Date

LPBW fans next read that her mom is the reason why December was the perfect month for Mateo to arrive. She wrote, “I write this as I hold my newborn son who was born around this time for no other reason, I believe than to bring us magic just when we need it the most.” The rest of her post revealed that she thinks of those with grief in their lives during the festive season. Next, she told them, “It’s okay to feel sad while drinking your hot chocolate.” Meanwhile, Mateo can’t erase memories of her mom, but “it also takes on new meaning for me this year. I’m a mother now and I get to watch the world of enchantment unfold in front of me through my son’s eyes.”

A Christmas Miracle

LPBW fans saw that Isabel ended off her post about Mateo’s birth date with, “To me, that’s nothing short of a Christmas miracle.” Do you relate to that? Sound off in the comments below.

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