OutDaughtered Spoilers Reveal Which Quint Shares Olivia’s Classroom

OutDaughtered: Busby Quints

OutDaughtered spoilers and updates often show that the twins, Olivia and Ava Busby do a lot of things together. Actually, that seems pretty normal for twins, who seem to live for each other. However, these days, Adam and Danielle sometimes split them up. So, Olivia and Ava no longer go to the same classroom at school. Read on to find out which of the other quints accompany her to the same class. 

OutDaughtered Spoilers Show Ava And Olivia Busby Split

In July this year, fans saw that Ava and Olivia split up for a while. It came during the summer break. Actually, at one stage or another, most of the kids separated from their siblings. Adam and Danielle made sure that the kids all got to spend time with their grandparents in Lake Charles. Riley and Ava Busby went together, and that left three little girls all snuggling in the one bed at home. 

OutDaughtered fans also saw that big sister Blayke visited Nana and Papa with cute little Hazel. Well, it’s back to school again for the TLC family. This year, they all go to the same school. There, Blayke attends Grade 5 and her little sisters all go to Grade 1. However, they don’t all go to the same classroom. Probably, that’s a relief for the teachers, as the twins look so much alike. 

OutDaughtered Kid Olivia Bonds With Her Classmate Quint

Taking to her Instagram on October 8, Danielle shared which quint goes to the same classroom as Olivia. She told her fans, “Hazel & Olivia share a classroom this year. Love the extra little bond they are forming.” Well, in the photo, they looked very close and cute together. However, it’s not clear which quints share a classroom with other siblings. Perhaps soon, Danielle lets fans know soon. 

OutDaughtered Spoilers Reveal Which Quint Shares Olivia Classroom

OutDaughtered fans quickly commented on the split between the twins and on cute Hazel. Here’s what some of them said:

Adorable. Hope they have a great school year.

What a sweet pair of first graders😍 u r so blessed!!!

how are they already in first grade!😢 I remember watching the first season and they were tiny and now they are in 1st grafe so sad 😢.

Wow thats nice 😍😍.

Omg!! This is the cutest picture ever!!! Sweet girls! Do you guys see stronger bonds between some of them versus the others?”

Unfortunately, Danielle didn’t reply to the question about other quints bonding. However, fans know that from birth, Blayke always had a soft spot for Hazel. 

Is Splitting The girls Up A Good Thing?

Most kids in the world made their way through life in a classroom without siblings. However, the quints seem to have a special bond. Even more so, Olivia and Ava, the twins. What are your thoughts? Is it good to split them up at school? Sound off in the comments below. 

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