Sister Wives Spoilers: Meri Brown Reveals, ‘I’m Not in This Marriage for Money’

Sister Wives: Meri Brown

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that Meri Brown has come out to rectify or maybe try to rectify the rumor that she might be in the marriage for money. The Sister Wives Star is unaware of the rumors about her that have been circulating for almost a year. Viewers have been watching her on TV and following her social media, and they have all been asking one question: why is she still with Kody Brown?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody And Meri Brown’s Relationship So Far

These talks have increased recently due to how Kody has been so bad to Meri on recent episodes of Sister Wives. A couple of weeks ago, Kody had admitted that there was no spark between him and Meri, his first wife, and he had no intention of sleeping with her ever again. This came not long after he viewers that he has given up on his marriage to Meri.

Fans Reaction To Meri’s Reluctance To Divorce

Fans’ concern now is why Meri has not also given up on Kody, Meri’s reluctance to get a divorce has caused them to wonder if she is sticking around for the money. A Twitter fan has gone so far as to say she should live by example, even if this is where she gets her income, she should find a man who loves her and treat her the way she deserves.

Sister Wives: Meri Brown and Kody Brown

Meri has however not taken lightly to the thought that she is still with Kody to continue getting her pay from TLC. She replied to the thought by saying the fact that they think she is still with her husband for the money shows that they do not know anything about her or her situation. With apparent sarcasm, she added that she would appreciate her fans’ encouragement to pass through it all.

As much as there are a lot of fans who want Meri to leave Kody, there are still the few who support her in her decision without any speculations. One of her supporters has recently pointed out that viewers only see what producers put out after editing, another said a marriage of 30 years is not something you just get up and leave from as marriage is not just for the good times.

Sister Wives Updates – Meri’s Response to All the Rumors

Meri had come out with strong words early this past December. She had clearly said her relationship with Kody was her relationship and they have had their ups and downs through the years. She said the truth is she loves him, and her family, and she is committed. They had spent 30 years together, she said, they communicate and repair relationships as the parties involved are willing and able to resolve issues.

She concluded then that she was human, she has feelings and she has made mistakes she had risen from. Sometimes it takes more time to rise again but she would always rise. She gets angry, feels peace, pain, and joy, she loves and she forgives because she is human. She is here and committed to her relationship, she stated that fans should not get their hopes high as she is not going anywhere.

We hope that Meri realizes that all this is due to the love her fans have for her and we wish her the best in her decisions and life.