Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Brown Claims Her Granddaughter Is Born To Shop

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Maddie Brush

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that Janelle Brown really misses Maddie Brush and the grandchildren, Axel and Evie as Caleb took a job in NC. As they live so far away from Flagstaff, she can’t see them as often as she’d like. On April 10, she shared a screenshot of Evie taken from one of Maddie’s stories on Instagram. In her caption, the Sister Wives star talked about how Evie could be born to shop.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Janelle Brown Recalls Shopping With Evie 

The photo that Janelle shared showed Maddie’s cute little girl on the beach. She wore a really nice two-piece swimsuit and fans loved it. In fact, some TLC fans wondered if they could find one in “adult sizes.” It’s not clear, but it might be a throwback photo from when Janelle visited Maddie about three weeks ago. In her latest post, Janelle said she remembered the day the swimsuit was purchased.

Janelle Brown shared about her weekend with Maddie on Instagram and revealed that Savannah flew down with her. Apparently, she decided on a girl’s trip as she left the boys behind in Flagstaff. Actually, without the boys, that probably made shopping so much more fun for Maddie, Evie, and grandma Janelle. Some Sister Wives fans might find it hard to get their heads around Evie enjoying shopping. However, while it feels like yesterday, the cute kid arrived in August 2019.

Sister Wives: Evie Brush

Sister Wives Updates – Evie Chose Her Own Swimsuit – Born To Shop?

Janelle Brown told her fans that she and Maddie went shopping. While Maddie looked around, her grandaughter just took over. Her caption explained that Evie stood “next to the rack looking at the suits, pushing one aside, and looking at the next.” Wow, the little TLC star obviously knows what retail therapy is! When Evie saw the swimsuit that took her fancy, Janelle said she “picked it” all by herself.

Wondering if she just “copied” Maddie or, or if she’s a “natural born shopper,” Janelle Brown went with the “shopping thing.” After all, as grandma pointed out, Maddies daughter “definitely has an opinion…and can express it.” When one fan commented about it and told Janelle that her daughter did the same thing at that age, the Sister Wives star replied. She said, “Awesome! I knew it was shopping skills!” Hmmm, it certainly looks like Evie was born to shop.

Actually, fans love her choice of swimsuit. One of them said, “Little Evie has good taste, good choice Evie!! 🌸.” Time flies by so fast, one can’t help that feel in no time at all, fans will see Evie out shopping with her friends and posting up about her purchases on social media.

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