Sister Wives Spoilers: The Most Awkward Moments From The Brown Family

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives Spoilers spoilers and updates tease that despite the loving and funny moments on Sister Wives in the past eleven years there have been plenty of awkward or downright cringe-worthy as well. What are some of the most memorable, but awkward moments from the Sister Wives?

Sister Wives Spoilers – Meri Brown Was Catfished

The most shocking Sister Wives moment had to be when first wife, Meri Brown was catfished. Meri was lonely and went online to find some companionship. However, Meri’s boyfriend, Sam Cooper, who she met on Twitter, turned out to be a woman instead. When Meri ended the relationship very revealing details were released the caused a sticky mess. All of this before Meri realized that Sam was really a woman named Jackie Overton.

Kody Claims He And Meri Had Problem Before Janelle

Sister Wives Kody claims that he and Meri had issues long before Janelle came into the picture. To hear Kody’s side of things it honestly seems like he regrets marrying Meri at all. Meri admits to feeling very alone since she and Kody do not act married anymore. The pandemic has only made things worse. Now Kody wants Meri to court him back to their relationship while acting completely uninterested in anything that Meri does. Kody says that “Meri mourns the loss of what they had, and Kody says he regrets it. Meri simply says that she cannot make Kody love her. Fans are left wondering why she stays.

Sister Wives Updates – Christine Singing At Mykelti’s Wedding

Sister Wives Mykelti Brown Padron asked her mother, Christine, to sing at her wedding in 2016. Christine was gun-ho even signing up for singing lessons before the event. Not that there was anything wrong with Christine’s singing, but it seemed a bit awkward when she grabbed the mic and begin to sing. However, Christine was a trouper and got through the event.

Sister Wives: Mykelti Brown Padron and Tony Padron

Mykelti And The Sex Talk

Sister Wives Kody and Christine try to give Mykelti and boyfriend Tony Padron the talk about the evils of kissing and holding hands while dating. Kody’s shocking attempt to explain what happens when people kiss was very strange, to say the least.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody’s Insistence On Moving To Flagstaff

Sister Wives Kody and his presentation when he decided to move to Flagstaff had all the wives upset. Probably the most awkward was his once family home presentation. Christine was furious over this idea and made sure it was known that she wanted no part of a single home. Kody is still insisting on having the family together in one house.

Kody And Christine’s Couples Retreat

Sister Wives Kody and Christine once chose to turn their vacation into a couple’s retreat. Unfortunately, they did not seem any closer by the end of the episode. Just recently Christine has revealed that she was always the basement wife. Apparently, some things never change.

Sister Wives Updates – My Sister Wife’s Closet

Sister Wives stars and their pitch for their business, My Sister Wife’s Closet was completely awkward. The family could not even get through their speeches because of bickering and what seemed like unpreparedness. A lot of fans were not impressed with the offerings of the business either.

Kody’s Fascination With Kaleb Brush

One would have thought that Sister Wives Kody was the one getting married instead of his daughter Maddie Brown Brush. Kody has seemed to be fascinated with Kaleb from day one. Perhaps Maddie should have chosen someone else to officiate her wedding.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Kody’s Dip In The Pond

Kody certainly looked awkward playing in the muddy pond on the Coyote Pass property. His dip certainly makes it unclear what the big argument is over who has the pond on their property.

Robyn’s Purity Speech

And last but not least the most embarrassing has to be Robyn talking about getting pregnant in college and calling it the biggest mistake of her life when her son is standing right there. While everyone else in the room checked out, except for Kody who always listens when Robyn speaks, Robyn’s poor son looks like he could simply hit the floor and hide.

Sister Wives have had some pretty awkward moments but it would take something major to top these.

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