Sister Wives Spoilers: Brown Family Reacts To Utah Legalizing Polygamy

Sister Wives Spoilers: Brown Family

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that sometime in March 2020, the polygamy penalty in Utah was reduced. It was no longer passed as a felony since the senate bill was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert. He signed the senate Bill into law lowering the crime from a felony to infraction. In a clearer sense, bigamy crime can now be tagged as breaking one of the traffic rules in Utah. By default, offenders will get punished with receiving tickets just like a traffic offender would be issued a ticket when they break the traffic rules.

Sister Wives Spoilers – What Is CNN Saying About The Newly Signed Bill In Utah?

Reports from the Cable News Network (CNN) explained that before the Bigamy bill was signed into law by Governor Gary Herbert, the crime was considered a third-degree felony. Legally, it was punishable in Utah up to March 12, 2020, and offenders could get up to five years in prison or pay a $50,000 fine. The Cable News Network further explained that the bigamy charges when carefully compared in close terms with crimes like child-bride marriage, fraud, and abuse, were still weighed as a felony.

However, the recent reports about passing the Senate bill into law just opened doors of excitement for polygamists in the state. Our very own Kody Brown from the Sister’s Wives show and his wives –Christine, Meri, Robyn, and Janelle were the most excited. While making a confessional in People’s exclusive clip, Robyn said she was excited. They had hoped for this news for the past decade and finally, it is here. In her words, she told the kids that polygamy marriage was currently an infraction in the state, therefore it was decriminalized.

The Brown’s Didn’t Hide The Exciting News From The Kids

During the Sunday episode of the show, fans and followers of Sister Wives were happy to see the Kody Brown family’s reaction to the news. The Senate bill news was a relief for the family considering that they all have been living like felons since their return to the state. The Browns were quick to tell their kids about the exciting news on Sunday.

Sister Wives Updates – A Little Family History Of The Browns

Since the 1890s the lineage moved into the state, they’ve had to live as felons because polygamy marriage was illegal in Utah; Janelle explained. Meri from her end said that she feels the choice of living in polygamous marriage was a basic human right for the wives. As such, outsiders shouldn’t get involved since the couples involved in the marriage were not hurting anyone else.

When Kody Brown made a statement in the People’s exclusive clip, he explained that he felt the bill was the first step into de-stigmatizing polygamous families living in the state and beyond. In his statement, he said “witnessing the law change last year and knowing it came from the legislation is very promising. I hope it will ultimately lead to the freedom of all polygamous families everywhere. To witness the Utah legislative make this change gave me both hope and joy, and even a sense of social acceptance”. For him, this news is an indirect win for many of them that made the extra sacrifices. All in all, it was a huge victory for everyone.