Sister Wives Spoilers: Janelle Addresses Getting Shamed For Pandemic Travel

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown

Sister Wives spoilers and updates tease that fans are upset over Janelle Brown’s decision to travel to North Carolina. However, Janelle insists people just need to follow common sense protocols.

Sister Wives Spoilers – Traveling Just Requires Common Sense

Sister Wives Janelle and daughter Savanah Brown do not get to see much of Maddie Brown Brush or the two grandchildren since they moved to North Carolina. However, Janelle does not want to make any of the other Brown family members sick either. Janelle was actually one of the most proactive family members when he came to be careful about Covid concerns.

At one time, Janelle even forbid Kody Brown to visit her home because her boys were working outside the home. Janelle did not want to take the chance of Kody catching the virus at her house and taking it to everyone else. Janelle knows that visiting family out of town. Janelle still does not want to take chance with the other family member’s health, especially her grandchildren.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown and Savannah

Janelle Brown And Savanah Brown Took In The Sights

Sister Wives Janelle and Savanah also decided to take in the sights while they were in North Carolina. Janelle and Savanah visited the beach and posted a selfie with the waves crashing behind them. Janelle says it was not warm or sunny, but the beach was great. Savanah and Janelle then visited a seafood restaurant that uses locally sourced seafood. Perhaps Janelle should have shared the location so that others, who follow her Instagram account could check them out. Janelle does go on to say that the hushpuppies there were like what her grandmother used to make.

Sister Wives Updates – Fans Shame Travel

Sister Wives fan’s comments were mostly on the positive side. However, going from Janelle’s replies, someone must have commented on her and Savanah not wearing masks in the beach photo. Janelle’s reply that they “do wear makes and social distance but things are more beautiful open” seems to indicate fan shaming Janelle for choosing to take a non-protocol selfie. Janelle also posted about leaving the boys, who are both adults, home alone. Perhaps the mother/daughter trip was exactly what Janelle needed after months of quarantine. Fans were thrilled with Janelle’s “common sense protocol” comment.

Is there anything wrong with travel across the country to visit your child and grandchildren? Getting through this pandemic does take a lot of common sense and both Savanah and Janelle seems to be showing just that. Hopefully, before long, the masks will be a thing of the past.

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