Royal Family News: Kate Middleton And Prince William’s Fun Day Outside Of London

British Royal family news reveals that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited a farm in northeast England and met a friendly sheep that followed them out on a walk.

Royal Family News: Kate And Prince William’s Country Farm Visit

Early Tuesday, the couple returned to their country ways by visiting a farm in northeast England where they got to take a little white lamb out for a walk and tried their hand at driving a tractor.

It was certainly a day well-spent for the couple as they went on their first outing outside of London since their train ride to meet and greet with health workers and congratulate them for their labor working through the lockdowns while others shielded at home.

Prince William, 38, and Kate, 39, took a trip to the countryside as strict COVID-19 protocols have started to ease in the U.K. and met with farmers in order to know how they take care of their livestock amid the lockdowns.

They met with the owners of the farm Clare Wise and Stewart Chapman and toured the cattle, calving, and lambing sheds. The couple also learned about how Clare and Stewart care for their livestock.

They looked at the tools and techniques used at the farm including grass monitoring, land rotation, and feed sampling to improve productivity, ensuring that they are able to give back to the environment and increase their sustainability. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton

William and Kate got to participate in a discussion with the farmers about the impact of COVID-19 on their work-life and how they balanced farm work with home-schooling their children, as they sat on some bales.

“That is one of the ongoing things, being at home all day, it starts to wear on people and the pandemic has taken away those coping mechanisms,” William said according to a report by the Northern Echo.

With the upcoming COP26 Climate Change conference taking place in Glasgow, the group also delved into subjects pertaining to the ways that can be used to improve environmental impact across the industry, thereby helping to deliver the U.K.’s commitment to “net-zero” carbon emissions.

Royal Family News: Prince William And Kate Middleton’s Visit To A Project With A Special Connection To Their 2011 Wedding Following The Approach Of Their 10th Anniversary

After the couple left the farm, they turned their attention to a more personally related moment and visited a local youth project that benefitted from donations coming from their Wedding Charitable Gift Fund in 2011. They made the visit to the Cheesy Waffles Project two days before their wedding anniversary.

The project supports children, young people, and adults with additional needs aged 7 to 35 from across County Durham. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge witnessed some of the inspiring work helping to enable young people to achieve their full potential.

The royals even happily pitched in and played games with some of the young people, including trying their hand at teeing off at golf and taking part in an art project.

William and Kate were made aware of the Key Framework, which is helping to support thousands of young people to build skills and discover their potentials by encouraging groups of young people to plan, pitch, and carry out their own project ideas. They also discussed the Project’s well-being and mindfulness strategies.

The Royals have much to be thankful for and celebrate as they gear up for their tenth wedding anniversary. They recently celebrated their youngest child’s third birthday and starting preschool! Come May 2, Princess Charlotte will celebrate her 6th birthday, and we’re looking forward to another personal portrait of the little princess.