Royal Family News: Prince Harry’s Son Archie To Receive HOW Many Titles When He’s All Grown Up?

Royal Family News: Prince Harry's Son Archie To Receive HOW Many Titles When He's All Grown Up?British Royal family news reveals a little title for this, a little title for that … one could imagine a song being written that baby Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor could tap dance to on his way toward adulthood. Of course, Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex and Prince Harry’s first child doesn’t actually have a title right now. That’s a bit amazing considering the fact that his father is sixth in line for the British throne, and media everywhere still calls Archie, “Prince Archie.”

He can’t choose it now, but some believe that little Archie will grow tired of the commoner life imposed upon him by his renegade parents. How could any child like Archie want to remain in a sheltered life where he’s fed only organic foods, and lives with only his parents and grandmother in a palatial estate with over 8-bedrooms and 12-bathrooms? How could Archie stand having security details wandering around outside, ready to frisk any date he brings back from the prom?

Will Archie Resent His Parents For Leaving The Monarchy

Surely baby Archie will view such a horrid lifestyle as well below what he could have had if only his parents had remained senior members of the British Royal Family. Some believe it’s quite possible that poor Archie will grow up resenting Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Oh, perhaps Archie might get some mileage out of being able to tell the drab American colonials that his cousins are two princes and a princess. Maybe Archie will be able to brag that his great grandmother was the Queen of England and that his grandfather Charles is now king! However, it’s also quite probable that Archie could fester with insane rage and jealousy if Meghan and Harry aren’t careful.

With all that said, one expert on the British Royal Family from Debretts (a professional coaching company, publisher and authority on etiquette and behavior, founded in 1769) said of the entire situation: “Archie could technically use his father’s lesser titles now. Although, as Prince Harry is officially known as the Earl of Dumbarton in Scotland, he would more likely be known as Lord Kilkeel.

Will Archie Inherit Prince Harry’s Title?

He went on to note that: “There is no reason why Archie would not inherit all his father’s titles after Harry’s death, but as the Sussexes have shown a degree of informality when it comes to titles, whether or not he decides to use them is to be seen. However, this does not stop Charles or William (once either man is king) giving Archie a title of his own when he is older, should he decide to ‘work for the family firm.”

All told, there are reportedly six titles, which could fall to little Archie once he reaches adulthood. There are also a number of dukedoms that could become his when Prince Harry passes away (morbid as that sounds).

The truth is though, it’s highly premature for fans of the British Royal Family, of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry, or anyone else to go on gushing about what Archie may or may not do. There’s literally 17 years left before any of this matters one iota to Archie. Of course there is the chance that Archie will want to identify more with his father’s family than with his mother’s. There’s an equal chance of the opposite occurring too though, and if Archie ever has political ambitions of his own … well … his potential royal titles are a liability in America.

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