General Hospital Spoilers: Jackie Zeman Shares The Latest Photo Of Her Cute Granddaughter Kennedy

General Hospital spoilers teases that Jaclyn “Jackie” Zeman has shared another adorable photo of her adorable granddaughter Kennedy Elise MacLeod recently on Instagram.

Kennedy Elise MacLeod Wears A Bow Bigger Than Her Little Head

Kennedy, who was born December 20 2019 to Jackie’s daughter Cassidy MacLeod and her husband Cutter, wears a huge bow bigger than her little head on the latest photograph. Kennedy is Jackie’s first grandchild and she is very much in love with and proud of her. She writes, “Good Morning Sunshine! #love #family #familytime #lifeisgood #lifeisbeautiful #grandmalove #grandmalovesyou.”

She has posted many, many photos of Kennedy since she was born as many mothers and grandmothers do, employing social media as a “brag book” instead of photographs in photo albums and the pocketbook sized photo albums grandmothers frequently would carry in their purses.

Now, all grandmothers have to do is pull up their social media to show their pride and joy, and usually fill the camera roll on their phones with grandbaby photos as well! One can be sure this little punkin’ will be spoiled rotten by her grandma Jackie! Kennedy Elise MacLeod is Cutter and Cassidy McLeod’s first child as well, of course.

More About Jacklyn Zeman

Jacklyn, an actress, currently appears on the ABC daytime drama “General Hospital” and has been a vital part of that program since 1977. She plays Nurse Barbara Jean “Bobbie” Spencer, the younger sister of the iconic character Luke Spencer, played by Anthony Geary. She also played Lana McClain on the defunct ABC daytime drama “One Life To Live”, and is co-host of “Make This Place Your Home” on TLC, otherwise known as “The Learning Channel” on cable, and Sofia Madison on “The Bay”, an online daytime drama on

She is a woman of many talents, selling beauty essentials on her website, and is also a dancer, having begun training for the classic ballet at age 5. Later, she was accepted into the New Jersey Dance Company at age 15, and accepted a scholarship from New York University at age 15 to pursue a major in dance.

Jackie is also a mother to several furbabies, a large German Shepherd named Maddie, a smaller dog named Bella, who appears to be a mixed breed – possibly a puggle; another dog named Rick, a Shiba Inu; and a ginger tabby cat named Simba, and a large gray cat named Bacci, who also appear several times on her Instagram.

She is obviously an animal lover because she also has some photos of friendly bunnies, geese, and other animals she shot in a park, and a duck family in a pool! It is plain to see that Jackie loves her furbabies too, but for some mysterious reason (wink wink), since Kennedy was born, we see a lot more of her than we do of the furbabies!

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