5 Family-Friendly Places You Must Visit in Thailand

As one of the most popular tourist destinations ever, Thailand draws thousands of people every single year. The reason is simple. This beautiful country is brimming with history, life, and exciting exotic things to see. For that reason, my husband and I have decided to take our 6-year-old and 2-year-old twins daughter’s on a family vacation in Thailand this summer.  

Out of all the South-East Asia countries, I believe Thailand is the most kid-friendly. It is safe and has a multitude of sights that will interest everyone, big and small in a family. If you’re looking for an experience like no other, you may just have found it. Here is my list of 5 family-friendly places you should visit while in Thailand:

Ayutthaya Historical Park

As one of the most popular UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the world, you absolutely have to check out Ayutthaya Historical Park. Back in 1767, this area was completely destroyed by the Burmese when they attacked the region and burned down much of what was there. That means that the relics which are left have serious historic significance.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

Of course, the reason many people visit Thailand, to begin with, is to experience something out of this world. That’s why you simply have to head to the Damnoen Saduak Floating Market. It’s about an hour and a half away from Bangkok by car. You can view market stalls by boat and pick up some real finds such as clothes and fresh food. I suggest to baby-wear young children, so it’s easier to get around the market. 

The Elephant Nature Park

The wildlife in this fair country is simply exquisite, and so you really ought to make the most of it. The Elephant Nature Park over in Chiang Mai is a great place to start. If you’re a real animal lover, you honestly don’t want to miss out on this renowned attraction. With around 30 elephants to meet here and a whole load to learn about this interesting species, there’s no way you won’t have a day out to remember. The animals are treated ethically with no on-back rides allowed. It’s a great way to teach children about conservation and day they’re sure to remember for a lifetime.

Similan Islands

Just off the coast of Phang-Nga, these islands are well worth a look if you’re in the area. One of the best things about them is that they look so very idyllic. From the moment you step foot on the golden beaches here, you will fall head over heels in love with the place. From the stunning coral to the beautiful tropical fish around here, everyone in the family is sure to enjoy this beach destination. 

Wat Arun

Finally, Was Arun (or Wat Chaeng) is a place that everyone should visit at least once in their lives. Many people also call this the Temple of the Dawn and it actually has a beautiful story behind it. The idea is that when King Taksin left Ayutthaya, after the Burmese had invaded, he arrived at this temple just as the dawn broke. He then renamed the palace. It’s a real must-see.

Still, need help with planning? Besides watching YouTube videos about sights that interest me, I love to look through guidebooks. Here are my top recommendations: 

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