Top 10 Inexpensive Date Ideas to Bond With Your Child

As busy parents, it sometimes becomes tough to find quality time to spend with our children. All that our kids look for is a little attention from us. Having a date with your child is a great idea to bond with them and you do not have to break the bank in the process. You can apply these inexpensive date ideas to bond with your child.

1.   Go for a nature walk

Take some time off your schedule and go for a walk with your child. It would be great if you have the outdoors near your home but any place can work just fine. The most important thing is to ensure that you have given the child undivided attention during this time.

2.   Go for an ice cream run

It would be a great idea to go for an ice-cream with your child. Girls in particular love this. Take them out and spend some time in them, eating ice cream and being silly deliberately. It will be a great bonding moment.

3.   Plan a movie night date

Let the kids choose the movie they want to watch. Of course, make sure that it is appropriate for their age. You will find that they might want to repeat their favorite movie and it could be boring but go to that happy place with them. It is their day after all. You can pop up some popcorns and let them stay up late a little longer.

4.   Engage in a craft project

Kids love it when their parents join them in craft projects, particularly ones that will involve some level of dirt. Get them the resources they need and create time to work on something they love. Get dirty in the process.

5.   Go out shopping with the child

Next time you want to go shopping, how about you make that moment your own little date with the kid? Give them a list of what you are going to buy and let them choose the products under your supervision. You will be surprised to learn that kids also love shopping. It will also instill some level of responsibility in them.

6.   Go on a road trip

Pack up some bags and some food someday and go on a road trip with your kids. There is so much to do on a road trip and so much fun to have. You will be cultivating a sense of adventure in them in the process.

7.   Take them to a zoo or museum

Let them see the animals and be forthcoming with information as much as possible. It will be a good amusement for them to hear you explain to them interesting facts about a specific animal.

8.   Take them to the park

A park would also be an ideal place to have a date with your kids. You can play games and be childish in the process. They will love this side of you.

9.   Read a book together

Let them choose their favorite book and read to them aloud. Let them take turns at reading as well. Answer all their questions.

10.Experiment in the kitchen

When cooking their favorite meals, it is good to engage them and let them help you. Let them experiment with food sometimes. It will be a great moment for both of you.

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