How to Build Your Toddler’s Confidence

Toddlers who are self-confident are able to handle challenges easier and better than those who do not have the self-esteem. Gaining this confidence is cultivated over time and it is the role of us parents to make sure that this happens. There are many ways to build a toddler’s confidence and we have highlighted a few of the ways here.

Avoid being over-protective

You should allow your toddler to experiment with a lot of things without being too protective. Of course, you have to make sure that the experiments stay within the safety limits. You have to let them fail sometimes. Let them keep trying until they make it and congratulate them for the effort and triumph. By not being too over-protective, you allow them the opportunity to explore many activities and learn from their mistakes.

Do not yell or curse at them

Yelling pushes these toddlers into a shell and they feel that they cannot explore stuff for fear of how you will react. Learn how to correct them without yelling or cursing at them. There are ways to punish toddlers without raising our voices or yelling. When you yell, the toddlers can sense the panic and anger in your voice and this will make matters worse for them. They are looking up to you a pillar of support. Crumbling down in front of them won’t help much.

Complement their successes

Every time they do something good, complement and congratulate them. Go easy on their failures and keep encouraging them all the time. It does not matter how small progress they are making. Keep the praises coming. Celebrate every little success. You can loop in the other family members for this celebration and make it seem like something truly special.

Understand their limitations

Toddlers may be blessed differently and you need to understand the limitations of your toddler. Do not push them too far in the name of initiating confidence into them. When you know what their limits are, you will work within those limits to give them the best.

Expose them

Expose the toddler to a lot of stuff. They learn better through observation, listening and imitating. Censor what you expose them to though, you do not want them picking up some weird habits from that age. Some inspired careers started because these people were exposed to information when they were young and they got to love it.

Give them unconditional love

When the toddler knows that you love them unconditionally and you will support them in everything, they become more confident in exploring and being adventurous. You should always remind them that you love them every time. Even when they make mistakes, be very clear that the love you have for them is wholly unconditional.

Give them time outs

When toddlers react to something, it could get really nasty. Instead of beating them, yelling or cursing them, it is better to sometimes give them time out to allow the tantrums to wear off. You can distract them somehow.

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