Pulling Your Kids from School for Travel and Vacations – Important Factors

It’s widely known that the secret to saving money while traveling is to vacation during the off-peak or shoulder season. But what about your family’s education schedule? When it comes to pulling your kids from school for travel and vacations, consider these factors in taking your child from school.


First, consider your child’s academic standing. If your kid’s grades are wavering or nearing the realm of trouble, you need to reconsider the timing to allow your family academic success. It’s not uncommon for some learners to need that classroom setting, so if your kid is struggling pulling them to do the work on their own may not be best for their academic style. If their grades are in a comfortable place, you’ll enjoy your trip without the stress of worry. Plus, travel can be an excellent learning opportunity, too!

Homework and Permission

Getting the school’s permission will likely be an easy hurdle, but something you need to ask about. Some institutions require an advance notice. My son’s school required him to take a form to all his teachers to initial acknowledging their approval of his grades and behavior. This also gave the teacher a notice he would be gone and gave my son an opportunity to arrange for makeup work. When it comes to homework, you’ll want to ensure your child has makeup work and any homework before the trip. Completing at least some of the work during your trip will alleviate stress and time devoted to completing missed assignments when your family returns.

Is Your Kid Excited?

It might be wise to consider how your son or daughter feels about taking a trip. While most kids would be excited to go on vacation and simultaneously miss school, some may not be. Perhaps they’ll miss their friends, a school function, or too much instruction. Whatever the reason, if your family is apprehensive, you’ll want to be sure to work it out.

Length of Trip

Keep it as short as possible or the time it around built-in breaks or days off. Holidays are typically more expensive travel times even if it during the off-season. However, most schools have fall breaks or teachers in-service days that provide your child with a day off school. Use the extra day to help alleviate your child’s homework load and missed time in the classroom.

Do you have any tips when it comes to pulling your child from school? Please share your thoughts or advice in the comment section below.


Pulling Your Kids from School for Travel and Vacations - Important Factors


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