Tips For Packing Healthy School Lunches

Tips For Packing Healthy School Lunches

Back to school is almost here and these Tips For Packing Healthy School Lunches are sure to keep your kids happy and you happy they are eating better foods. School lunches and traditional packed lunches can often be chock full of high-fat unhealthy options. Packing healthy school lunches for your kids is just one way you can encourage them to eat better foods this year.                                               

Prep ingredients ahead of time

Things like raw veggies, fruits, cheese cubes and similar can all be prepped ahead of time. Spend an hour a week preparing these items so assembling your healthy school lunches will be easier. When you have everything ready to put into containers or add to a lunch box it will be much easier to stick to your plan of sending healthy lunches for your kids each day.

Substitute Greek yogurt for sauces and dips

Kids often want to dip their veggies and fruit into dips. Ranch and fruit dips can often be high in calories as well as full of preservatives, sugar, and salt. Use plain Greek yogurt you have flavored with fresh seasonings for a savory dip or honey and cinnamon for a sweet dip.

Get your kids involved 

Letting them help you pack their lunches can help encourage them to eat more of the healthy options you include. Lunchables are a popular treat, but you can create your own with cheese, multi-grain crackers, hummus and roasted chicken or turkey you have cooked and sliced yourself.

Skip processed lunchmeats and roast your own meats 

A turkey or chicken breast roasted and seasoned can be sliced into sandwich slices to create healthier sandwich meat that you feel no guilt about sending for lunch for your kids.

Don’t deprive them of treats

One thing many parents do that ends up backfiring is eliminating all treats. You don’t have to pack cookies, cakes or candy every day, but you should include a special treat on occasion for your kids. Homemade treats are the best option, but purchased items in moderation can be just as good when you use them sparingly.

Offer plenty of variety

Don’t send the same thing every day. Make a master list of the foods your children love and rotate regularly. You can even include things like tacos, soups or pasta in a Thermos as a yummy lunch treat that is healthier and cost effective. Kids like variety, and when you are working to really stick to packing healthy school lunches this is often the key to success. Make sure to give your kids plenty of yummy options so they will stick to the menu and not complain. 

When you begin packing healthy school lunches for your kids, you’ll find yourself staying in budget and watching them enjoy great new and healthy foods. Wraps stuffed with their favorite sauce, meat, cheese and spinach are a great way to include health while giving them the flavors they love. Healthy food doesn’t have to mean tasteless food. Include all the flavors they love, only choose healthier ingredients and ways of preparing them.

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