Essentials Your Child Needs for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Essentials Your Child Needs for Pre-K and Kindergarten

Starting preschool or kindergarten is a huge milestone, much like a child taking their first steps. It is at this time in their young life that they will learn some of the basic skills that they will carry through their lifetime. While as a parent, you may not be ready just yet for your child to start school, there are some things they will need to ensure they are ready. Here are some essentials that your child needs for pre-k and kindergarten.

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Art Supplies

Crayons: Most teachers prefer students to have a box of standard color crayons in a pack of 8, 16 or 24.

Markers: Kids in pre-k and kindergarten will need a pack of 10 standard color markers, preferably washable ones too. Colored pencils: Colored pencils are often used for tracing, coloring or writing.

Scissors: Kids in pre-k and kindergarten are often required to have blunt scissors since they are safer for little hands.

Glue: Many teachers will have younger kids use glue sticks instead of regular glue because they aren’t so messy and they are easier for little hands to hold.

Writing Supplies

Notebook: Notebooks are often used in younger grades from practicing letter and number writing. Most of the time, a notebook with wide-ruled paper is suggested since it provides more room for young students.

Pencils: Jumbo pencils are easier for little hands to hold but some teacher only allow standard #2 pencils.

Folders: Students often use folders to transport homework and other paperwork to and from home and school.

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Bags, Boxes, and Containers

Backpack: all kids need a backpack to hold their lunch boxes and homework. Pre-k students may not need one but kids in kindergarten will definitely need one.

Lunch bag/box: Kids should use lunch bags and boxes that are insulated. For cold foods like water and fruit, you should add an ice pack to keep them fresh and cold.

Pencil box: A plastic pencil box or even a plastic bag is ideal for keeping pencils, colored pencils, glue sticks and scissors organized.