Back-To-School DIY Teacher’s Gift Chalk Plant


Get the kids ready for back-to-school with this fun DIY gift chalk plant for teachers. This DIY project is a fun activity for children and is also a great way for a student to get acquainted with their new teacher. 


Teacher's Gift Chalk Plant

Potted plant
20-24 pack of crayola chalk (May vary depending on your plant size)
Ruler printed ribbon (hobby lobby)
Hot glue/ hot glue gun


1. Turn your plant on its side

2. Begin glueing one piece of chalk at a time, press gently on each piece

Teacher's Gift Chalk Plant

3. Once your chalk is glued all the way around, hot glue a piece of ribbon tightly around the plant, in the center of the chalk (this will also help hold the chalk into place)

Teacher's Gift Chalk Plant

4. Fold another piece of ribbon (about a 12″ piece) into a bow and hot glue onto the ribbon around the plant.
5. Your plant is complete! Teachers will love this, especially if they’re low on chalk!


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