10 Homework Help Tips for Parents

10 Homework Help Tips for Parents

Helping our children with their homework can sometimes feel like a soap opera, full of drama and not getting anywhere. There’s no doubt that you will need to help your children with their homework, it’s just a matter of when and how. Check out these 10 homework help tips for parents. 

#1. Stay on top of it- It’s so easy to let homework slide and not make it a priority. When you stay on top of homework, you are letting your kids know that it’s a vital part of their day and should be made a priority.

#2. Communication is key- If you’re not sure of what’s going on with your child’s homework, it can be confusing. Always communicate with your child’s teacher to make sure you’re on the same page. 

#3. Stay calm- Yelling at your child and getting them frustrated does not help the homework situation at all. Staying calm is one of the most efficient ways you can help your child with their homework. 

#4. Make sure your kids have a quiet space for homework- Distractions are plenty when you’re a child trying to do homework. A quiet space to do homework is a great gift a parent can give their child. 

#5. Always stay positive- If you have a negative attitude about your child’s homework, they are sure to pick up on that attitude. Try to say only positive things about homework.

#6. Ask for help- There’s no shame in being a parent that doesn’t understand a homework concept. Homework is a lot different these days then it was twenty years ago. If there’s a concept you don’t understand, reach out to someone who might know! 

#7. Talk through it- Talking through a tough homework assignment is a great way to make homework not as stressful. If the homework is too hard, take a break, and then come back to it later. 

#8. Guidance is best- As parents, it’s easy to just want to tell the child what to do when it comes to their homework. However, guidance is the best medicine. Guiding them along, instead of doing it for them is always a win-win. 

#9. Give your child choices- Typically a child has several different homework assignments on any given night. Give them a chance to choose what they would like to work on first. 

#10. Rewards work wonders- If you’re having trouble getting your child motivated to do homework, consider giving a reward. The reward could be something as simple as cookies and milk whenever they finish their homework for the night. Try to make the situation as lighthearted as possible because homework is stressful enough. 

What are some homework help tips you would like to share with other parents?