10 Ways to Help a Mom who’s Just Had a Baby

Having a baby is thought of to be just a natural thing, but what many people don’t realize is, although natural, it takes a toll on a mother’s body to give birth and care for her little bundle. Moms need all sorts of help after a new baby arrives. Here are 10 ways to help a mom who’s just had a baby:

Provide Meals: With a baby’s constant need for attention, sleepless nights, and recovery time, it can be tough for a new mom to feed herself. Providing a few meals a week is one of the greatest blessings you could do.

Fold Laundry: There is so much laundry after a baby is born that your house starts to look like mountains of clean, dirty, and halfway clean laundry! If you really want to help a new mom, folding some of the clean laundry mountains are a great way to do that.

Shower Time: Showers are difficult to master with a new one. Whether you put them in a seat to cry, or try to wash between your hanging skins with a baby on your hip hoping your child doesn’t slip down from the soap, showering is a daunting task. Giving mom 10-15 minutes a few times a week to shower in peace is a joy like no other for a new mom.

Give a Nap: New moms are up all hours of the night feeding, burping, changing diapers, and caring for their little one. Exhaustion can cause those baby blues called Postpartum Depression. Taking the baby for an hour during the day so mom can get a nap, can help combat those issues.

Clean the Kitchen: Cleaning is not top on the list for new moms, and after a few days, dishes may magically take over the kitchen. Taking a little extra time to do some dishes and wipe the counters gives the new mom a little peace in knowing she doesn’t have to do everything.

Take Older Kids Out: Just because a mother may know what they are doing and are on their like hundredth kid, doesn’t mean they don’t need help! In fact, new moms that have older kids need a little extra help such as taking the older kids out for a bit or overnight.

Send a Useful Gift: If you are too far away to come and help, there a few things you can do to help a new mom. Send mom a gift card for an hour of housecleaning, or better yet just send the housecleaner. Get her a massage, a pedicure, or something relaxing with a sitter included.

Run Errands: Packing up a baby and going to the store is a chore, but if a mom has several kids, can you imagine? Send a text, or call mom before you head to the store and see if there is anything she needs that you can pick up. She will appreciate not having to pack everything and everybody up.

Set up a Care Service: Helping a new mom can be a lot for one person to do. Instead, email, text, or call friends and family and set up a care service. Have each person involved do something to help mom each day of the week for the first few weeks she is home.

Don’t Overstay your Welcome: New moms are exhausted and with that being said, the entertaining company is not on the to-do-list. It is great to come and help out, but make sure you aren’t staying too long because that outweighs the help you did do.

New moms don’t need anything expensive, they just need a little help! It’s the simple things in life that really matter, so if you want to help a new mom, try these 10 ways today.


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