7 Reasons To Pay For a Character Experience At a Disney Park

When planning a Disneyland or Walt Disney World vacation, these reasons to pay for a character experience should be considered. These may seem like extravagances that are unnecessary, but in some instances, they are a perfect choice for your kids. Not only will they be well worth the money and time, but they will be something you won’t

 Lifelong memories for children. A character experience for a child can last a lifetime. Older children will be able to remember their first character meeting, what was talked about and how it made them feel. Younger children (5 and under) may or may not remember the experience down the road. Since children retain memories beginning usually around 4-5 years old. While they may get excited at a younger age for the character experience, it may not be something they will remember later down the road.

Multiple picture opportunities. A private or group character experience means you get multiple opportunities for pictures. Not only will park photographers be on hand to snap pictures, you’ll get a chance to take candid pictures of characters as they interact with your kids.

Autographs for their memory books. This is a great time to get those autographs for your kids memory books. Characters will sign autographs that are great for putting in the books for saving as a special souvenir. 

Great deals on meals included. Most character breakfast experiences cost around $20-$30 and include breakfast. While having your entire family attend a character breakfast could be expensive, it is well worth it with typically a large buffet with many choices as well as the time spent meeting popular characters.

 Souvenirs that come with a character package. Depending on the package you choose, you may be able to get great souvenirs and a special gift from the characters as part of your deal. This can be unique and fun for your kids, and save you some money on in park gift items. This can be a picture, tiara, invitation or even special bag with a price. These souvenirs typically only come with special events and not the basic meal upgrades. 

Behind the scenes looks at the park. Many character experience also take you to areas off the beaten path in the parks. Lunches and teas with princesses are often held in areas of the castles that you cannot access otherwise. You will get a chance to view special areas with some events Others will simply be held in a regular restaurant in a park hotel or restaurant.

 You won’t have to fight for a characters attention. You don’t have to stand in line or clamor to get them to notice you. When you choose a character experience at a Disney park through an event or meal, they will make sure to come by to chat with everyone in attendance. This is part of the appeal of the higher priced meals.

 These reasons to pay for a character experience at a Disney park are going to make it worth your extra expense. There are many things within Disney parks that may be easy to avoid spending money on. However, a character experience may be just what you and your child need.