4 Delicious Foods Families Must Try in Thailand

Not only do we travel with our kids to discover new places, but to experience the foods that are unique to the culture of each country we visit as a family. One great thing traveling about food is that even kids love tasting the authentic local cuisine, stepping into funky restaurants, and stopping at street food carts.

Thailand, which is located in South-East Asia, is famous for all these things! You will indulge in some of the tastiest and most unique foods in the world. While you’ll find good food in restaurants, you’ll probably find even better food at street food carts. Thailand is famous for its street food and all the food is super affordable.

Here are four foods all you family foodies out there should taste when you visit Thailand.


Pad Thai is a classic Thai fried noodle dish—actually, it is one of Thailand’s national dishes. It can be made many different ways, but the recipe typically includes fried rice noodles, roast peanuts, lime, eggs, and fish sauce. Individual chefs will add their own supplemental ingredients. Order Pad Thai at a few different places to try different cooks’ recipes!


Papaya salad is a simple enough concept, but you will be surprised at how incredible the flavors can pop in your mouth. The best part of ordering papaya salad is that it can be wildly different at every place you order it in Thailand. If you’re a spicy food lover, then you’re favorite will be Som Tum or spicy green papaya salad. Typically, papaya salad comes with lime, tomatoes, fish sauce, and dried shrimp. Plus whatever else the Thai chef decides to throw in there, of course.


I love Sea Bass and Thai chefs are supposed to cook up some of the best fish in the world.  From upscale to casual restaurants, all of the sea basses are supposed to to be amazing. You can find quality huge seabass for 100 baht each, about $6 USD. 

One word of advice is not confuse seas bass with a river fish. Be sure to ask before ordering.  


Khao Phat Thai fried rice. The dish is made with Thai jasmine rice. There are many variations of this meal depending on what area of Thailand you visit. It also usually comes with some type of meat. Choose from chicken, pork, crab, or shrimp. There are almost always vegetarian options, too.

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